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Friday, March 26, 2010

okay...time for a little house update!  we're moving along quite well and still anticipating a june 1 completion date.  i can hardly believe that is only two months away!!!

so i wanted to do a little piece on the nursery before it's completed.  this has been my inspiration picture from the beginning.  i cannot find the source but will link back when i do.

i didn't love everything about this space but the overall look captured what i was looking for.

so i saved this picture and stuck with it for inspiration.

these are the elements i wanted to emulate:
1.  overall layering of basically two colors.  i am really drawn to tone on tone.
2. the separation of colors on the wall.  one color on the bottom, one on top.
3.  the painted white wood floor!
4.  the antique brass chandelier and the smaller scale of it. (i found one!)
5. white crib.

here is the nursery standing in the doorway looking in.  the small closet is to the right of the windows.

next, you can see the wood floor is down.  we went with a 5" oak.  at final stage it will be sanded down about 1/8" on sight then finished to specification.
we also decided to layer in a texture to the bottom half of the room.  what you see is board and batten before paint.

below you will see the nursery walls with the finishing touch of a little ledge on the board and batten.
i think it will be nice to be able to lean some artwork on (securely of course!) as well as adding a little more visual interest.
the walls are primed, sanded and nail holes filled at this stage.

the floors have been covered with brown paper to prepare for final painting.  
the bottom half of the room will be painted in benjamin moore's london fog color.  
the top will be benjamin moore's ready mix white color which is also the white we are using in several 
other areas of the house.

when we designed this space some of our thoughts were:
~ place this room right next to the master bedroom
~ design this room with the thought that when it is done being used as a nursery we can transition it to be an upstairs office for my husband.
~ therefore the closet was built out with more shelving versus rods for hanging.


  1. LOVE everything about this room...everything!

  2. do you watch Sara's house on HGTV? She made the cutest letters for the nursery she did and set them on the ledge like you have. Love the inspiration picture and love your blog!

  3. this is looking amazing!! and i love how you are planning ahead with the space. you are teasing us with these little sneak peaks!! but i love it. tease away! i can't wait to see the final look though! have a great weekend!

  4. What a serene inspiration pic! I'm posting our "nursery" on Monday. It also features board & batten!

  5. @nonny...thanks!

    @cara...we don't have a t.v. but i've seen/heard about sara's house online. i'll go check it out!

    @natalie..thanks and i can't wait for the finale either! :)

    @Farmgirl :) looking forward to seeing your nursery!

  6. your nursery (and house) are turning out just lovely. i have been to your blog a few times-i just recently came across it-and enjoy reading it very much. we too, have five very young children (under seven) and i home school them.
    we are planing on building a house soon and i was hoping you'd share your plans (i mean if they are yours, and maybe not the specifics but the general layout)i can't figure out how to get things where i want them!
    well, i am excited for you that the house will be done soon-thanks for sharing (and i agree with cara, the letters in sara's house nursery are too cute!)

  7. The inspiration picture is absolutely gorgeous! I love where your room is headed and cannot wait to see progress photos!

  8. you are so inspirational! i love following your pictures and progress :) xo

  9. I love your blog! WOW, I can't wait to see how your beautiful home turns out! I love the nursery! It is perfect and has now become an instant favorite photo in my inspirational photo's. Thank you for stopping by and visiting me. I am now a follower of your fantastic blog~ lulu

  10. loving your new home!!! The inspiration picture is beautiful!

  11. Oh my goodness. That nursery is soooo beautiful! Its very elegant. I love it.
    I think your nursery will look amazing!


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