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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

piano lessons for the three big kids....love the fact the piano teacher comes to our house.  he definitely found a niche catering to homeschoolers! 

dubs usually plays "run away" during school time! :)

deanie has started the nancy drew series

hank is busy during his "blanket time"....that realistically only ever lasts 7 minutes.  tops.

bathtime.  hank, dubs, boone.  i love the delicious smell of just bathed babes. :)

deanie and dancy recently had choir and drama performances.
deanie was the princess (in the pink dress) and dancy was the messenger (all in black w/ a blue sash).
the homeschool performing arts in our area really pulls out all stops.  the shows are fabulous and 
the kids gain such great theater and stage experience.


  1. love this post...love to see other moms capture their day in pictures!

  2. Oh how I would love for our piano lessons to be a home. While we do not homeschool, it would still be so nice. Our three girls take them, and I struggle with the practicing, as I do not have any music training. My youngest is 7 and has started reading the Nancy Drew series for younger readers and is absolutely enthralled with figuring out the mystery. So great to see the love of reading emerge.
    Take care,

  3. Just found a new series of books your little girl might like. They are called Ivy and Bean. Kind of a Junie B. Jones type. I love Junie B. Jones, she and Pippi Longstocking are my favorites.
    My oldest daughter got a kick out of Ivy and Bean, but my 7 year old Paige really loved them. My son Jack was getting into them too while I was reading at bedtime, but he tried not to let it show because they are "girls" books.

  4. That looks like a good life full of the sweetness of family and the moments that you will look back on with joy. Blessings to you!

  5. I can't wait to see my kids sitting there, enjoying a good book! Nothing better. :)

  6. I love that the piano teacher comes to YOUR house!! Isn't that fabulous??? Wish I had had that all those years ago for my daughter!!



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