friday favorites

Friday, April 23, 2010

friday favorites!  these are items that i really like in no particular order.  to catch up with my other friday favorite randomness check them out here

first up:   Caldrea Lavender Pine Countertop Cleaner.  delicious!  i've been cleaning like a mad woman lately to keep up with realtors coming through our house.  this spray leaves a yummy fragrance and sparkly shine in my kitchen.  (my countertops are granite)

this next item is amazing!  this was a gift to one of the boys but hank has loved it the most.  

you press a button and stars light up the ceiling!  it truly is very calming and has even helped keep hank in his bed at night....  it stays on for 45 minutes then shuts off by itself.  there is a plain turtle too that would be just as cute :)  

and finally, i have to share that i really like charlotte russe
yup, the teeny bop store in your local mall?  yes, that's the one.  these two tops are my most recent purchases.  the purple one definitely has an anthro look for way less.  the cardigan i have in cream and wear it open over a dress and other shirts.  the ruffles are cute!

ahhh...and the earrings.  trendy and not expensive.  i know i will be able to pick up a fun pair for date night and not have to worry about breaking the bank.  
thanks Charlotte for keeping me in style.


  1. Oh my goodness, what a coincidence! I almost posted about my two favorite little things today. One of them is a Candrea product! Did you find that at Target? They are carrying a line of their products now. Although I'm wondering if it's one of those short shelf life things and will be gone in a few weeks. I hope not!

  2. caldrea is at target??? um i did NOT know that! i bought mine at a local gift shop. thanks for the heads up :) their product line is yummy! i hope it stays at target too!

  3. Thanks! I will have to check Target out and see if they sell that countertop cleaner there! Excited to try it out:)

  4. Yes Caldrea is now at Target!! I am a Mrs.Meyers the geranium scent. Also at Target!

  5. By the way, the Caldrea stuff from Target isn't in the cleaning section. It's in a section all it's own at the end of one of the aisles (which is one of the reasons why I think it's not there to stay). Just wanted to let you know that important detail!

  6. I saw the Caldrea yesterday at Target too!!! I almost flipped. I love their stiff. I use the all- purpose cleaner for my dark hardwood floors...and everything else! I spray it on the floors and then use a flour sack towel to mop it up. It works like a dream. { I attach the towel to my swiffer..much easier on my old back!:}

    I love your twilight turtle! So cute!!
    Oh yeah.. I almost forgot.. Your painting will be there Monday via UPS.

    Have a great weekend!!!

  7. pam - i like mrs.meyers too...i use the hand soap in my kitchen!

    rie - thanks for the location i won't have to peruse every isle. wait. i do that at target anyways :) :)

    melanie - monday. monday. monday. :)

  8. Lovin' a stylish Homeschoolin' Momma!! Charlotte Russe is a lot of fun! And I'm on board with the Candrea, and Mrs. Meyers, too. You're awesome, Sara! Your love of life is so evident in your words and smile. Always fun to check in on you ...

  9. So funny. My 14 year old daughter has recently turned me on to Charlotte Russe and Forever XXI. Lovin' the trendy shirts and earrings. And I have to say I have not tried the cleaners yet, but after reading all these comments...and a post on Clover Lane, I'll be picking some up from Target tomorrow.
    Have a great weekend.

  10. love your favorite things this week...

    never go in that store..but those shirts are really awesome!

    I like finding trends for cheap.

    cause their trends and sooner than later...there will be a new trend.

    gonna hit up that store SOON!

  11. I found some very Anthro-esque shirt at Charlotte Russe a few years back and loved them! I need to get back in there sometime.

    Fun favorites!

    Oh, and I have a very, very similar cream colored cardi from the J Crew outlet. Ruffles rock!

  12. I just recently bought a sweater that was similar to the black sweater you bought - it was white and I fell in love with it - I really liked the ruffles on it!

  13. Love the blog...thanks for sharing it with me!!
    Thanks for the countertop advice...we need something for the granite!
    So, I just bought that ruffle sweater too from Charlotte Russe in white!! love the ruffles. and...tried on the purple anthro shirt but it had a hole in in so I decided it was not for me. how fun is that? I LOVE YOUR STYLE!!
    Thanks again. Amy


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