pouring patios and ordering things online

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

the weather is warming up and things are wrapping up here on the homefront!  for anyone that has built a home (and for those of you who have not) you know that the last 6 weeks are busy!  

major changes take place like patios, deck, paint colors etc.....  for me, the satisfaction of seeing the results of all the decisions makes all the decisions worth it.  okay...that was a little confusing, but stay with me here :)

below is the upper back patio and a cute curvy sidewalk.  the deck (which you can see in the distance) will have two steps down to the cement patio.

here is the lower patio.  before these were poured we spray painted in bright orange, on the dirt, the shape of the patios.  we stood inside the spray painted area, and lived with it for a couple days to make sure the size would work.

also, we (actually mr. daddy) requested enough divisions in the cement.  i think i overheard him saying it helps with settling?  or so that when a crack happens it won't spread so far?  anyways......i'm really pleased with the way they turned out!

okay.  moving on.  we purchased most of our lighting and plumbing locally.  but i must say, i am totally intrigued with the low prices of certain websites and couldn't resist trying a couple and saving some money while i was at it!  i thought i would share my experience as well as show some pictures of the packaging.  

i often wonder these things myself when i am looking to make a purchase.  so here you go!

one site we used was lamps plus.  i found a gorgeous chandelier and the price was right.  i put myself on the email list and i watched the site until the fixture i wanted was on a good sale.  and trust me...they ALL go on sale at some point.  

okay....so the box was HUGE.  after taking out all the paper and the foam topper this is how it looked.  very snug and secure.  so far, very impressed!

when i lifted the whole chandy out of the box it was still packaged securely in foam type holder.  pretty good right?

there were TONS of crystals.  the strands and large individual ones came in plastic trays like this and then wrapped in brown kraft paper.  the cup like pieces and small hanging pieces were all wrapped in the white foam.  

each package was individually labeled A, B, C, D etc.  and coordinated with the diagram in the instructions. nice.  thank you for the clarity.  very helpful. :)

we started to put a few of the crystals on to get a feel for "the look".  wowza!  
this should be fun to clean.

dancy and boone helped me unwrap each and every package and inspect each and every crystal.  there was only one small chip in one small crystal.  and it doesn't even bother me.  so we're good!

now.  it does say to test the fixture to verify it's working okay.  we have not done that.  in a couple of weeks when fixtures are hung we'll find out.  

next stop:  efaucets.  we purchased our main kitchen faucet and the prep sink faucet (in the kitchen island) here.  

 again, get on the email list,  look for coupon codes online, and wait for your item to go on sale!

these too were packaged really well!

custom fitting foam.

nice sturdy boxes.

so there you have it...my own little review of two online discount stores that have always peeked my interest.   and a little patio talk to boot!


  1. everything looks amazing! can't wait to see it all come together :)

  2. i just love when you post updates like this!! i like seeing all the fun details come together! that curvy sidewalk is perfect!! and can't wait to see what landscaping you do..what a great set up!

  3. I've used lamps plus too for little things here and there and always loved them. Looks like everything is moving fast!

  4. You're getting there, girl! And three cheers for online sales!

  5. just found your blog and love it! i'm going to have to check out those websites.

  6. can not wait to see your house when it is finished. absolutely beautiful.

  7. Hello sweet Sara - can't wait to see how the chandy looks all hung and sparkly! The faucets look pretty too. Thank goodness for great packaging. Nothing worse than to have to return it. Thank you for keeping us updated! So fun.


  8. We bought a crystal chandy when we were stationed in Europe I learned a great way to keep the crystals shiny and dust-free_ Lay a heavy towel if there is a table underneathe. Put a alcohol-water 50-50 mix in a small plastic tub, like rubbermaid. Come up under each crystal to dip it in the liquid and then catch the drips with a paper towel. Let each one air dry. Sparkle for little effort and money! I do this about twice a year.

  9. I just found your blog, so this comment is waaaayyy late, but the lines in the cement: cement expands. The "lines" are actually called expansion joints. They are to give the concrete enough room to expand. If you don't have them, your concrete will crack.


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