correct deck

Sunday, May 16, 2010

trying to make a decision from a little  6"x6" sample for entire deck is not easy!  but we are very pleased with the way it turned out!
we basically looked at two different brands of decking 'non-wood' material: 

we chose the correct deck cx in the color 'sage' and the railing in white.  the brown tones of the sage color (not green at all) compliment the gray of the house very well.
we are two weeks away from move in day!!!  so close :)


  1. gorgeous! love that railing:) what is the railing? wood, azak, vinyl?

  2. turned out fun to be making all these choices on your dream home....

    well, fun and overwhelming, I'm sure.

  3. okay,i want to move in too! and it looks beautiful!

  4. I am thoroughly enjoying the journey you and your family are on with the new home you are building. It is fun to come visit your blog and see your photos and comments on your every day's precious. I cannot wait to see that fabulous and utterly gorgeous chandelier after it is hung......pretty, pretty! I love the deck too! Best wishes on moving in!

  5. Hi Sara,

    Never commented before, but I just wanted to tell you I'm so excited for you guys!
    We are in the process of building our dream home also. In fact we'll be moving in in one month (hopefully). They are pouring the garage slab, the front porch and the back patio this week on our house. My husband has been keeping a blog on the building process of our house. (there's a link on my sidebar)
    I can't wait to see what the inside of your new house looks like once it's all finished and you guys are moved in.


  6. I too am enjoying your pictures and blog! Can't wait to see the inside of your house!


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