moving day

Saturday, June 12, 2010

we did it!  two weeks ago our family made the big move to our new home.  i spent the week prior to the move packing things up and labeling the boxes.  below is a picture of the boxes of BOOKS! i used sticky name tags and sticky address labels on each box labeling which room to place the box in at the new house.  

this was helpful because several of the boxes were from friends who moved prior to us and wrote their own things on the boxes.  everyone who helped us just looked for the label.

speaking of help....we had LOTS of family and dear friends come out for the morning and afternoon to help us.  our pastor even stopped over to pray with us that morning.  the day was beautiful and spirits were high.

daddy loaded the truck with bikes and garage stuff.

my brother in law took the first official load of the day!  his van was packed!! :)

thank you a million times to our family and friends!!!  
this guy here rocks!  he is 13 and the oldest of 5.  i love this family and we are so thankful for the 
overpacked boxes of books   boxes of school books and other stuff that was moved with love.

three cheers to this cute mama!  we grew up together and she came with her 3 little ones and filled up the back of her van to help with the move. another friend brought her two adorable girls and helped too!
 do i have the best friends or what???  

my dad (in the red) and more friends!  we had about 15 people come out to help.  amazing.  

we are so blessed.  

not only did friends and family come to help move...there were others taking care of our children all morning!  the 3 big kids came late in the morning so they could participate :)

yikes!!  the kitchen was the FIRST room to get unpacked and cleaned up....even after simplifying before the move i am amazed at the amount of stuff used in a kitchen!

okay....another huge blessing was this beautiful table of food set up for our family and all the workers!
one couple couldn't physically help that day due but the wanted to bring lunch.

they came, set up this beautiful table with a table cloth, fresh flowers, homemade sandwiches, chips, fruit, snacks and cold drinks.  this was amazing!!

boone and me.  he couldn't wait to start sorting out his books on the new shelves in the bunkroom! :)

master bedroom.  the day of the move my dad was in charge of putting together the crib in the nursery and our bed.  thanks dad!  it was SUPER helpful to have this done and not have to think about it later that day.

nana and dancy making her bed up for the first time.  my mom always has helped made up my bed wherever i have moved since college :)

here is a picture of our main family room.  
we are trying to get settled in and organized and so far its going great!

i will be posting more since we are now connected to the internet!  

thank you again to all our friends and family who helped in so many ways on moving day!  we started at 9:00am and were done by 3:00pm.  one moving truck with 3 men were hired to move the big stuff but i still thing being done by 3 was pretty impressive! :)


  1. YIPEEEEEEE!!!!!!!:-))))))))

    Nothing better than fresh paint and a fresh start!!!!

    Enjoy the process!!!! ;-))

  2. Wow!!! Your house is beautiful and Im so jealous of yalls productivity!!! We moved in to our new house almost a year ago and it seems that we still arent settled!! I can't wait to follow your progress for inspiration!!!!

  3. I can't WAIT to see all the'll have to do a room by room tour for us, okay? :)

    It all looks fantastic...LOVE the kitchen!!!

  4. SO happy for your family that you are all moved into your new place! That is so wonderful you had so much help and were SO productive! I can't believe your progress...your home looks so relaxing and charming! I love it and can't wait to see more! Enjoy your beautiful home and family :)

  5. I can't wait to see more. I'm drooling over your kitchen. Congratulations!

  6. What a blessing! I am so happy for you, girl. That home of yours - gorgeous!!! I can't wait to see more. But first - why don't you put your feet up for a spell? ;)

  7. I've been SO waiting for this post:). Now I'll be waiting for the next!! Keep em' comin' girl!! We are all excited with you! (and do share where you purchased your bed, please!)

  8. wow, it looks great! i can't wait to see more.

  9. Wow! You're finally in!

    What terrific friends you have. We had a whole bunch of help too with our move. Of course, being a base house, our home isn't nearly as beautiful as yours!

    I can't wait to see more!

  10. oh my word...I LOVE this house!!!! You are soo blessed to live in a place like this! I can't wait to see how you do up the rooms....

  11. Congratulations on your beautiful new house! We are about to start building our Forever House, also, and you have been a huge source of inspiration!! Please post more pics when you have time! Thanks!

  12. Hi, love the house! I found you on Home and Harmony. My husband and I built our dream home in 1998 and we did most of the work ourselves. I have to say I think my favorite little touch is the drinking fountain.

  13. Oh my, your house is totally stunning. What a dream. Your kitchen is just the most wonderful one I think I have ever seen. I would be in heaven. Thanks for sharing. Hugs, Marty

  14. I am so glad I have found your blog through Home and harmony. You have done a spectacular job! I look forward to following your adventures in this new home.

  15. i'm soo loving your kitchen! you guys did a fab job!! i saw cote de texas post of the kitchen as well & LOVE it! i'm in the middle of gathering ideas and your kitchen is much inspiring!! btw-if you don't mind me asking...where did you find the sofa slipcovers? reason i ask is i have oversized sofa's and can't find any to fit & yours look big! i know your busy so, just when you have a minute!
    xoxo's nancy

  16. I want to know where those amazing slipcovers are from too?!!!

  17. Congrats on moving in, Sara! I found you on Cote de Texas' blog and commented there, but had to find your blog as well.

    It's beautiful! So glad for you and your family. Enjoy!

  18. Just found your blog and fell in love with your kitchen - what is the color of paint in your living room?

  19. I love your slipcovers in the family room - where did you find them????

  20. What color did you use on the walls in your living room. It is a very soothing color.

  21. What color did you use on the walls in your living room. It is a very soothing color.

  22. the slipcovers (the loose ones) are from walmart (online). the white slip covers we have on our couches and chairs now in our family room our from ikea.

    the color of the walls in the family room and the kitchen is 'vapor trails' by benjamin moore. :)

  23. I love your home! Just found this, and moving soon, so I was wondering if I might ask - where is your bed from!?? It's beautiful!


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