Thank you Blogland!!

Monday, June 28, 2010

this post is sure a long time and coming!  since i began blogging...well wait, actually before i even had my own blog and just perused everyone else....i have been SO thankful for all the ideas shared by all!

picture from THIS etsy shop

my idea files are nice and full due to fellow bloggers sharing their DIY projects, design opinions, and decorating secrets!  here are just a FEW.......

clover lane

busy budgeting mama

cote de texas

i also have been so blessed with so many sweet people that leave nice comments and these three bloggers! (there are SO many more... Thank you!)

between you and me

good girl gone glad

five girls the army and me

thank you for encouraging me when i had questions or shared a project!

flowerpatch farmgirl

pretties and posies

thank you for featuring my kitchen!!!   :)  that's fun. :)

home and harmony

please check out some of these lovely blogs and basically every blogger who has left a comment (that should keep you busy!! :) ) and keep spreading the love!

happy blogging!


  1. Hi Sara, I found you blog via Rie at Home and Harmony! Your kitchen looks fabulous and I am looking forward to spending some time reading back over your adventures this far! xx

  2. I found you through Home and Harmony and I'm so happy I did!

  3. Happy Blogging....I've been following you for a bit now...and can't remember how I found you. That's how it goes in blogging doesn't it?! :) Click click click...what an amazing little world. Thank you!

  4. julie! yes you have...THANK YOU! :) :)

  5. Good Morning! I found you through Home and Harmony and loved reading through all your older posts - your home is fabulous! I couldn't be in love more ~
    I'm glad paths cross as they do in blog world and can't wait to follow along ~
    Have a lovely day!
    Sarah xo

  6. Girl - Your blog rocks, and it's time for everyone to see for themselves! Thanks for the link-up love here. Have a fun day!

  7. WOW!~ thanks for the sweet post and shout out!

    I love and adore your blog...I always look forward to seeing more pics of your house...(hint-hint)
    and...hearing more about homeschool...(hint-hint)


  8. your blog! love your mother's heart and can feel the warmth and sincerity in every word spoken about your family! beautiful home, beautiful family, beautiful mom!

  9. you are so sweet!! thanks for mentioning my blog. :) you know i'm a fan of yours!

  10. Thank you for the mention girl! You are totally deserving of the props! Hope your doing great! =)

  11. You are super sweet! I'm still smiling from your kindness:).

  12. Gosh, I'm so happy I found your blog! I've been pouring through it! I hopped on here via Flower Patch Farmgirl's link...

    I've found so many interesting ideas! I loved reading about your thoughts on children sharing a room and the positive aspects of's really given me stuff to think over. I'm excited to read more and learn more...think more!

    Thanks for sharing a bit of your life...I'll be following your blog for sure! :)

    (Your home is absolutely lovely!)

  13. Hi Sara,
    I've been following since you were building & I just had to say the finished home is just gorgeous! I can't wait to see more! Oh and I so WISH I would have thought of a fountain - brilliant!

  14. Thank you so much for posting my art, very appreciate it.
    Love your sweet blog too :)

  15. What a lovely home you have and fun blog!


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