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Friday, July 9, 2010

another round of some of my favorite things :) 

first up is Cherish and Joy.  they make the little silky that is attached to hank's thumb every second.  his is backed in red and multi striped on the other side.
the reason i love this company so much is that when i called to find a backup for hank's discontinued silky the company HAND pieced together another silky for him made up of two sample pieces of the multi striped pieces that his silky is made of.   WHO does that anymore??    

next up is Land's Ends Tote Bag.  we have the large, navy piped one with our last name and "family" monogrammed on it says: "the ____ family" . i love this tote stands up...the bottom is dark.  we use it for the beach, for long trips, for overnights etc.

finally....the Dollar Store!! :) can you guess which items below are from this lovely store? the glasses!!!  now i'm talking about the TRUE dollar stores where every item is ONE dollar.... we have four dollar stores around us and only one (the dollar tree) is a true, every-item-in-the-store-is-a-dollar.

i was looking for martini and goblet glass glasses and i found them there!  they are heavy and CUTE!  you would never ever guess dollar store. :)  i used them for this drink bar i set up for a bridal shower i helped in hosting for my future sister in law....and these glasses were the perfect low budget touch.  don't  forget to check out the dollar store people! :)


  1. Hi Sara! You show us the most fabulous things....thanks! Loving your new home too!

  2. Both my babies have Silky's and love them. I don't know what we'd do if we lost them! I even bought my 2 year old extras when I spotted them at a store while out of town in case we ever lost the "original". :)

  3. Oh...the Dollar Tree! My son and father LOVE that store....and now they have me loving it. I ador your goblets. Hmmm....sounds like a trip in my near future. :)


  4. I love your blog, so practical today. The dollar store has saved me so much money over the last 10 years...someone should have been keeping track! I love their wrapping paper, and dish pans that I use for my spa parties!!! So great! Happy weekend!

  5. I have a large family (soon to be ten children) and usually buy my kitchenware from a local restaurant supply store, BUT my wine glasses have ALWAYS been dollar store. I have a friend who was surprised that I never worry about broken glasses at parties and I told her my secret. Next baptism toast at her house she had some! -Melissa

  6. I love Dollar Tree stemware too. Why buy $25 goblets at Williams Sonoma when you could get 25 of them at Dollar Tree!

  7. I cannot believe those glasses are from the dollar store..SO cute!

  8. oh my! I came across your blog ealier today and I can't get enough! I have gone back months and months in posts! I love seeing your house progress and finished projects! I seriously can't wait to see more! I love the bunks in the boys room; that is an idea that I will be using! My husband is a carpenter and we have built a few houses and are hoping to re-build soon! I love all your ideas and have filed a few in my house file! Keep the house pics coming!!!

  9. Cute goblet glasses. Very nice. Thanks for dropping by Beach Vintage. Hope to see you again soon.

  10. Hi Sara!
    Thanks so much for stopping by I Owe it All to Him...
    I'm having a Link Party that runs Fri-Sun of this next week...I'm asking people to post a story about someone who was very kind to them in their life when they least expected it....I figure we may need to get the kleenex out for this one! You're welcome to come over and join us...

  11. I have those same glasses from the Dollar Store!

    I used them as parfait glasses at my girls' Fancy Nancy party and then again at a party this summer.

    I really love them and use them as drinking glasses too.

  12. Hi Sara! I'm anxiously awaiting your next post! :) We are building a house, and I'd love to get more inspiration from you. I love your style.


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