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Thursday, August 5, 2010

this has pretty much been my go to brush since high school. 
when my brush has run its course......i go and buy the same one.  
thank you paul.

along with jonathan park, adventures in odyssey are a family favorite!
the children listen most evenings to the daily episode each 
evening on a local radio station that brodcasts  it.  otherwise you can 
go to my link and listen online.

these are great for long car rides too :)

what???  you don't remember everything you learned in history??

that's fine....i don't either!! :) :)

drive thru history will change all of that for you 
and your family!

this makes history come alive!  the host is hilarious (even my 3 year old laughs at him),
and the videography is very captivating.  

we are only on dvd 2 as a family but i must have said at least 3 times
"i never knew that! i would have loved to have been presented with history like this!"


  1. I get so excited when I see a new post because I'm dying to see more of your new home! :) I use the same PM brush! But, I no longer have it.....lost it. :(

  2. I started doing favourite thing in my 10 on Tuesday posts but just one item; I LOVE it when other moms post their favourites regularly. I just want to go out and get all the things you listed ight now--there is just something about a mom stamp of approval that means so much. Thanks for sharing.

    We are an Odyssey loving family too. We inherited several sets of cassette tapes from family that was done with them--we've almost worn them out (thank goodness we still had some cassette players) and moved onto the CD packs. I've actually heard our older kids quote characters in appropriate situations. What more can you ask for?!

  3. I used to listen to adventures in odyssey ALL THE TIME! great favorites!

  4. Thanks for sharing about the Drive Thru History series. I added it to our Netflix after reading your post. Can't wait to watch it. We love Odyssey too :)

  5. Loved the Odyssey series as a kid, now ready to share with my kids!

  6. I recently heard about DT History dvds and was really interested. That same week I happened to see one in the clearance bin at our Family Christian Bookstore. I bought it and haven't had time to watch it yet but I'm looking forward to it - now even more after your recommendation! Where do you buy your dvds?

  7. Sara, I was just visiting my 25 and 29 year old daughters (in Chicago) and we were talking about all the important things they know, that they learned when they were little on Adventures in Odysey.

    When my oldest moved to England to Capernwray Bible School, she took some, because she loves to listen when she is sick. They were constantly on loan to an entire castle full of students who all grew up on them and loved them.

    Way to go mom, investing in things that really make an eternal difference.


  8. yay! so excited to see fellow adventure in odyssey listeners! :)

    la: i purchased our drive thru history from a homeschool convention but typically i purchase items through christianbook (dot) com or amazon :)

    amanda: awesome tip about watching through netflix (another favorite of mine :) )

  9. I need a new brush! And this looks like just the one...thanks!

  10. We checked out Odessey and my son loves it! I am always trying to find new ways to keep him away from TV, computer, etc... Thank You!!!
    Also, we are going to be building a house soon and I am in love with yours. You have given me some great ideas. Don't tell but, I think your kitchen is even more beautiful than Sally Wheats! And, my boys are in love with the bunk room idea!

  11. Our family LOVES Drive Thru History!!! We have been watching it for years on HistoryInternational. I have not seen the Rome series - Just the American one and the orignial series. He is awesome!

  12. We love Odyssey! All our adult kids still like them and we never made a move or long drive without a set. I even sent the Christmas ones to Iraq for our oldest son. Now the younger girls are fans too. Glad to know the Drive by History is on Netflex.
    First time look at your blog. Like it!

    Linda @ bushel and a pickle


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