peach and white glamorous personal bridal shower

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

at the end of this month we will have a wedding on my husband's side of the family.  it has been 11 years since the last wedding (ours) we are just a tiny bit excited!! :)

the gorgeous bride (you'll see...) started out as my babysitter.  we all loved her!  so much that i introduced her to my brother in law and now they are getting married!!! 

so we threw her a personal shower and glammed it up a bit using one of the wedding colors, pale peach.

the food was simple and delicious.  varieties of crackers and dips.  (thank you world market!)

my other sister in law lives out of state and had these 
ridiculously yummy treats sent up from william sonoma.

the drink bar was fun.  martini mix in a pitcher on ice and champagne drinks next to it.

glass martini glasses a la the dollar store.

little notes were left for the bride to be to take home.  encouragement, prayers, advice....

little wine bottles as party favors.

8.27.10.  for obvious reasons :)

we moved down to the basement for the rest of the shower....i ordered the big white balloons 
online from balloon warehouse.  17" round bright white. 
 i could not find this size large balloon locally?!

strands of pearls draped around silver platters and white and cream candles (dollar store) 
atop pale peach broad cloth bustled with a rubber band at the ends. :)  

the gorgeous white hydrangeas?  
my dear friend has a yard overflowing with these beauties...she knows i LOVE them!  
she called that day and had a bucket FULL waiting for me :) :)

the mantle.

what?  :) 

 the clothesline of really appropriate items for the bride to be.  :)  

the game was she had to guess who brought what item on the clothesline.

good fun for all!

eeek!  a party crasher!!!!  
she flew down the stairs......dressed in some major fashion disaster 
and proceeded to unload her purse and babble endlessly about nothing :) 
we were rolling in laughter!

nice hair tie.  

she ran away (literally) when she pulled out an invitation 
from her purse that noted a slightly different address than mine.

total chaos.  total fun.  so much laughter!

we all had to remember what was in her purse. :)  i had the list.... :) (wink)

what a fun group of girls!!!
(let us note.  i am 10 years older than these girls :) )  

carry on.

my beautiful sister in laws (mr. daddy's sisters), my beautiful future sister in law, and me!
i am so blessed!

on to the wedding!!!


  1. What a beautiful welcome for your new sister in law. I loved the clothes line and the surprise party crasher. Such creativity.


    PS I love my sisters in law.

  2. I too love to give showers, bridal or baby. Everything looks fantastic and you all look like you had such a wonderful time.

  3. What a gorgeous group! Congrats to the bride and groom! =)

  4. What a lovely Bridal shower. Your future sister in law is so blessed to be marrying into your wonderful family. xx

  5. Your beautiful sister in law to be is joining an already beautiful family.

  6. You did a great job with everything Sara! Very simple and glam, I love it. And by the way, you definitely DO NOT look 10 years older than those girls! Congrats to the new couple and your family! Enjoy the wedding :)


  7. What fun! That game is a riot. And you all look just positively lovely!

  8. What fun ! Everything looked amazing - lucky bride to be married into such a sweet family !!!!

    My son got married this weekend too !!!!!!!


  9. Oh my gosh, first I have to tell you that I have been following for a while but have never commented so I haven't had the chance to tell you how much I love your home. Beautiful. Great job with everything. Anyway, holy cow do I wish I knew someone getting married, the party crasher was the best idea ever for a game, puts a great twist on it and makes everyone laugh! Love it!

  10. i absolutely love the shower! the game was hilarious. i can't stand it. the best game ever!!!!!
    darling decorations. love the clothes line!!!
    what a huge success!!!!!
    i still can't get over the game. that is the BEST!!!!

  11. What lovely girls you all are. Everything was so pretty for the shower. And the party crasher game...hysterical.


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