happy anniversary. 11 years on the 11th.

Friday, September 10, 2010

september 11, 1999
i married my best friend.  

11 years ago, a few weeks before our wedding,
 i remember sitting on the shoreline of lake michigan
writing our wedding vows.

going back even further.... i have sooo many wonderful
memories with you stored in my heart.

i remember going to your aunt's wedding.  my oversized sweater
and the navy skirt i made in home ec.

my highschool prom. 1995.  
my super hunk boyfriend came back from college to go with me. *swoon*
i really like your puffy sleeves (thanks napolean)

this picture is for you moz.  
mr.daddy's youngest sister (in braids), who is now a sophomore 
in college!  the other little sweetie is my cousin who i babysat all through 
highschool.  later on she was my flower girl and now she babysits OUR kids!

november 27, 1998.  we took a short train ride to chicago for the day
to hit the "day after thanksgiving" sales (or so i thought).
we wanted to check out the sears tower skydeck at some point and
mr. daddy was very much wanting to go right away so we wouldn't
run out of time.  

we were both leaning over the railing looking over the city of chicago.

he said:  'this would be an amazing place to get engaged someday'
i said (kind of rudely):  yeah...someday

at this point i was still thinking about that looking out at the view.  he wasn't next to me anymore.

i turned around.

he was behind me.  on one knee.

my eyes welled up.  i was NOT expecting this on that day!! :) :)

he asked me to marry him.  i said yes over and over.

then we asked some man who did not speak english to take our picture.  
this is that picture!

and one more picture that night on our way back to the train station.

'be joyful always;  pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances,
for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus'  
1 thessalonians  5:16-18

this is the scripture we chose as our "wedding verse".  

and what a blessing those verses have been.  
we have certainly walked through some rough waters together.
God demands that we pray through them all.  the waters have ebbed and flowed.
they have been smooth and stormy.  

praying together.  giving thanks.  and finding joy.

boy...when things are going good that is so easy to do.  when life throws you a curve ball
those three things can be so so hard. 
they are so important though.  it IS what gets us through.  

i am so thankful for a man who has decided that living for the Lord is THE most important.
he is a leader. confident and driven.  that is for sure.  and i love that.  

my dream was to be married and have children.
i'm living my dream. 

happy anniversary to the man i love.  will always love.  
through good times and difficult times.
through sickness and health.  rich or poor.  
loving God together till death do us part.


  1. WoW! I'm crying! You still look the same as you did on your wedding day...beautiful! :) So amazing. and so glad you're living your dream. With your dream man. What a wonderfully sweet post.

  2. What a beautiful post! Happy Anniversary! I loved looking at all your old pictures. My husband and I also got married in '99 - it was a good year. =)

  3. Loved the photo tour. Congratulations and God's richest blessing on your next 11 years (and more.)


  4. Happy Anniversary!
    sweet, sweet post honoring your man!

    14 years later...those three things are the things that hold you together when life throws you a curve ball.....

  5. What a sweet post! Happy Anniversary! I love the old pics, the sweater and the prom dress...LOVE! :)

  6. Happy Anniversary! I LOVE love stories, and yours is so sweet :)


  7. That was beautiful, every word and every picture of it! I love that you added all the history you have with your sweetie! The pictures are lovely, you are even lovelier! I hope you have a happy day and celebrate together in some special way! Wishing you 11...and many more!

  8. Beyond Beautiful......it warmed my heart so much to see this! Happy Anniversary to you both. ~Susan~

  9. That's amazing! Congratulations:D Have a happy anniversary day!

  10. Congratulations on your anniversary. You both look very happy and in love.

  11. Congratulations!! Beautiful pics...so sweet.

  12. Love this! What a beautiful story of coming together and making a life. You are just gorgeous in all the photos Sara!

    I love this September 11th story.

  13. I love ya'all's story! Thanks for sharing, such a beautiful post :)

  14. Happy Anniversary!!! You are so wise (and so young!) Y'all are a beautiful couple on the outside and from everything I read/see here on the inside too. I love that scripture and try to live it daily too. Blessings,

  15. Awww, happy anniversary!
    That's amazing:) Love the story post:)

  16. Happy Anniversary! What a blessing to be married to the man of your dreams! Here is to many more years!
    {ps, makes me think of our story, very similar}

  17. What a beautiful romantic story and photos! Congratulations on your anniversary! Rachael:)

  18. love how much you love my dear brother!

  19. Such a sweet story! Its great to hear about such a great love and much happiness. You have a beautiful family!

  20. Awww. happy anniversary! this post reminds me of one a did in may. big hair, prom dresses and all! :) much happiness to you both!


  21. so neat. so wonderful. congratulations.
    how wonderful it is to have a photos.
    happy anniversary. hope it was great!!!

  22. Awwwww.... congratulations ! May you be blessed with only good health and ever so much happiness in the years to come !

    thanks for sharing,

  23. Happy anniversary!! what a cute love story, you were a beautiful bride!!

  24. Happy Anniversary! We are celebrating today.. 13 years on the 13th!

  25. Hello and Happy Anniversary, I found your blog today and wanted to share that I have something in common with you too! My wedding date was also on Sept 11th but in 2004.
    ~kashya form candidkoosh

  26. Love your blog! ...your hubby reminds me of Matthew Perry ;)! God bless you and your gorgeous family!
    Jen xo


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