paint colors

Thursday, September 16, 2010

i receive lots of emails asking about the paint colors in our home.  

i am going to put them all in one place for reference!  i hope this is helpful :)

kitchen walls:  Benjamin Moore Vapor Trails #1556

kitchen cabinets: Benjamin Moore Fieldstone #1558

schoolroom:  Benjamin Moore Gray Wisp  (this is the same color as Restoration Hardware Silver Sage)

family room (off the kitchen):  Benjamin Moore Vapor Trails #1556

music room: Benjamin Moore Gray Cashmere #2138-60

girls bunk room:  Benjamin Moore Wild Aster #1240 (we had this lightened to our liking)

girls bathroom:  Benjamin Moore Wild Aster #1240 (full strength)

boys bunk room:  Benjamin Moore Winter Orchard #1555

boys bunks:  Benjamin Moore Fieldstone #1558

boys bathroom:  Benjamin Moore  Vapor Trails #1556

master bedroom:  Sherwin Williams Krypton #6247 (we had this lightened to our liking)

master bathroom:  Sherwin Williams Quicksilver #6245

sun room:  Benjamin Moore  Vapor Trails #1556

nursery:  Benjamin Moore London Fog #1541 on board and batten  BM ready mix white on walls

playroom:  Benjamin Moore Winter Orchard #1555

bonus room:  Benjamin Moore Hazy Skies

guest room:  Benjamin Moore Gray Cashmere #2138-60

trim throughout the house:  Benjamin Moore Ready Mix "white"


  1. i LOVE all your colors you've chosen, your house it so gorgeous! thanks for sharing!

  2. so nice to have these all in one spot to reference!!!

  3. thanks for sharing this! i love getting the inside scoop when it comes to paint colors. :)

  4. can't wait to SEE all of these beautiful rooms! hint hint ... ;o)

  5. Sara, your blog is so pretty, loved seeing your wedding pics & now seeing your new house, with all those children inside. Warm & happy & loved, Christian home. Blessings!

  6. Thanks for taking the time to write down all of your paint colors to share with us. Your home is so pretty!

  7. You have already gone the extra mile to list all your paint colors here, and for that I am SO grateful! But may I ask....if you had to pick one gray paint color, that doesn't pull purple, blue or brown, which would it be? I have the swatches of most of the colors listed above in front of me, but I just can't decide! Any input is MUCH appreciated since you have them on a larger scale in your home. Thanks!


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