the school room. school is now in session!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

welcome to our school room!  

tomorrow is the big day.  and we. are. excited!!

we have homeschooled our children from the very beginning.
so we're going on 5-6 years.  if you want to count my over ambitious
preschool with our first child! :) :)

i have no greater joy 
than to hear that my children are
walking in the TRUTH!  3 john: 4

during the building phase.

in our previous home our schoolroom was set up in the basement
with very little natural light.  one of the top elements in this
schoolroom was to have LOTS of natural light.

the reading nook.  boone is forever sneaking away to this
couch to read!  the wall shelf just has some favorites in it right now,
but i will be rotating either seasonal or topical books.
awww...remember the pillow from so long ago :)

little dubs is happy as a clam for about 10 minutes in his playpen.
this is his spot when i am reading aloud to all the kids.
typically Bible, history and/or a storybook.

the artwork display wire is from ikea.  i think we typically
have 8 to 10 new pieces of artwork daily.  they don't
all make it to display *smile*.

another fabulous ikea purchase.  a large clock!  great for teaching time
and great for checking what time it is on your own.

the sink with bowls for water when painting.

some schoolroom necessities (at least for us!).  a copy machine/printer and a laminator.

on the other end of the counter i have a jar of sand with a bible verse and a water fountain.
i really like a lot of the montessori concepts, especially the setup of their schoolrooms.

so i included a live plant and this water fountain.  unfortunately, this particular
fountain will not be here for long.  i bought it at target for pretty cheap,
and well, it is cheap.  i can't even hear the water over the motor.  boo.

newer, nicer water fountain is on the list! :)

ahhhh....lamplighter books.  they are so beautiful.  inside and out!
the stories are purposeful and the covering is gorgeous.

Bible books!

each child has a crate where their particular books are kept.  
this is deanie's :)  she is starting fourth grade.

i'm looking forward to the journals.  i don't proof these.  they are for 
expressing thoughts and learning to put them on paper.  

here is one from deanie :)

this is her schedule.  i fill one week out at a time for each child.
usually on sunday evenings.

our bible time basket.  it is the first thing we do each day.
we spread out the sheet and i read a bible lesson aloud while 
the children color or play with something quietly.
we pray and sing.

peek a boo.  this door remains open a majority of the time and peeks right into the kitchen.
i ALWAYS know what is going on in the schoolroom! :)

and this point little dubs has had it.  all soft toys and books have successfully been
thrown out of his playpen.


  1. I love this!!! I can't tell you how much. I think I am going to incorporate the journaling into my children's days too. I love that idea. Thank you for sharing!

  2. WOW! That is awesome! I love the light and the colors!

    Any chance you want to share your planner??? Even it is gorgeous!

  3. It's a beautiful room and I can just hear the excitment in your voice! I'm taking notes--I plan to homeschool too but my boys are just 1 and 3. God bless you this school year!

  4. Blessings on your school year, Sara. We homeschooled our kids and loved it (except hated math.) Our girls are grown and into their careers . . . so I guess I did good :-).


  5. Thanks for sharing your finished school room.. I have been looking forward to it. We also start our home school tomorrow morning. We are on year 3 of our home school journey. And I thought the journal entry about violin camp was cute.. our 11 year old daughter also takes violin and has played those same songs :-).
    I'm looking forward to seeing more from your home school journey!

  6. One more thing.. where did you get the schedule print out, or did you make it yourself. I love that idea and will have to use it. Up until now I have simply been putting sticky notes in their books with a note each day telling them which pages to read and which questions to answer. This would make it more organized for them and me.

  7. thanks girls...the schedule is one i made myself. i simply put the days of the week across the top and the subjects down the side.

    i also have a blank line in the header to the right to fill in the first date of that week.

    i have made them using tables in microsoft word and mac pages. they are three holed punched at placed in each childs binder. i hope that helps! :)

  8. All I can say is WOW!!! Your schoolroom is gorgeous and I love your journaling ideas and the reading nook!!! Our reading nook is not nearly that cute...I must get busy!!! Thanks so much for posting...of course we would love for you to post your curriculum and schedule if you just have NOTHING else to do!!! LOL!!

  9. Adorable ! I hs'd mine all the way through highschool. We converted our carriage house into a school house and we loved having a devoted place for school.

    Wishing you a wonderful and exciting school year !

    thanks for sharing,

  10. This room is great, I can tell that lots of wonderful learning will happen in this space! I too am homeschooling next year and am looking forward to creating our "learning" space. Looking forward to updates as your year goes along.

  11. Are you serious?! This is amazing. It is so bright and stimulating, but relaxing at the same time. The little door to the! I have most of the same books too. I love the checkered floor! It's fabulous! Lisa~

  12. your house is gorgeous!!! and that is so neat you are home schooling your children!
    my fav is the school room door, that is awesome.
    can i ask what color/brand you painted the school room? im looking for that exact color for my living room....
    thanks, and i love your blog!

  13. What a great room. Sure that will make the days more pleasant.
    Enjoyed my first look at your blog!

    Linda @ bushel and a pickle

  14. What a beautifl school room. You can really tell you've put A LOT of thought into it and it's turned out fabulous. I'm sure you and the kids will love working in there!

  15. really quick (about to start our day :) ) i will do an overview of our curriculum soon.

    the color on the walls is ben. moore's "gray wisp" it is their equivalent to restoration hardware's "silver sage"

  16. How could children not thrive in such a gorgeous, inspiring room? It makes me want to homeschool!

  17. Love that you built a school room! And the attention to detail is lovely!

    built in bookcases
    easy to clean floor
    space to move
    reading corner

    It is really divine! May God bless you and those sweet hearts that gather to grow in wisdom and their relationships with God, their mommy, and each other!

  18. Your school room is awesome! It looks like you thought of everything!

    This is our 15th and final year of homeschooling! I see so many of the books that we used when our children were young too. They grow up so fast...enjoy and savor this time!

  19. Hi Sara ~ just stumbled on your blog from somewhere? and it has been such an encouragement! Your school room is lovely ~ as a former teacher I know what a commitment it is to homeschool... God's blessings on you today!

  20. We have already started our homeschool, but I am working on preparing a room to dedicate to just school (even though this our 7th year of homeschooling!, but 2nd in this house). Your room has really inspired me with ideas. I love how your room turned out! Thanks for sharing. I always look forward to looking at your new posts.

  21. My four year old's picture journal is one of my favorite parts of the week. And with a room like that....what a great foundation to the new school year! And keep on reading! As a former language arts teacher....this makes my heart glow and feel warm and fuzzy. :P

  22. This is such an amazing space to teach in. I love all the details you put into the room.

  23. This schoolroom is adorable. Love that it is so bright and inspiring for students (and teacher). Great job!

    Blessings, blessings on your school year.

    Gwynie Pie
    @ The Pink Tractor

  24. LOVE it!!! What is the black&white floor...? I have been wanting to replace some flooring w/ that...not sure to go w/ tile or laminate. Yours looks great!!

  25. thank you!! i thought it looked like restorations silver sage! :)
    im totally gonna use the benjamin moore one. thanks!

  26. Just visiting your beautiful blog for the first time. Your home is gorgoeous and it looks like it is filled with a lot of love. Not sure how you manage to home school 5 children, create a beautiful home, have a fabulous blog and look really put together too! :) You must share your secret. Oh wait... do you sleep?! :) I'm about to be your newest follower! Tessa

  27. Truly the nicest classroom I have ever seen! Rachael:)

  28. rejoices
    WOW wow wow! I'm in love with this room! (and your kitchen, by the way!)
    So thrilled to find your blog ... you are now in my reader!

  29. We are kindred spirits my dear! We have Gray wisp on our walls, carrera marble countertops,white kitchen,white couches, and a love of black and white tile!! We are putting that kinda tile in the foyer in a few weeks (can I ask what kinda tile you used???)
    Also I'm a homeschool mama :) Glad I found your blog!!

  30. LOVE LOVE LOVE the schoolroom!!!! Love every morsel of it and I'll bet you are a fun and effective home schooling MOm!

    Tell us about the cute little picture right by the door under the light. It looks like a fun silhouette type thing...I am coveting one.

  31. I'm new here...and am new to homeschooling (this is our first year) and I am SO LOVING your blog! This room is AWESOME! Inspiring! Thanks for taking the time to share your beautiful life!

  32. HOW FUN!!!!! I've been waiting for this post:). Very well thought out and just all around awesome. Your little ones have such an amazing Momma! Thank you for sharing and I'm going to get me some of those Berry books:).

  33. love your school room! You did an amazing job.


  34. What a beautiful school room! I love it! I think I need to make a trip to IKEA! I need art display and a big clock! Thanks for sharing these tips!

    Thanks also for the tip about journals. This is my first year as a home educator and I've been having my son make corrections to his journal! I like your idea of just letting it be his thoughts without corrections of spelling and such from me! Thanks so much for the tip!

    Can you explain your choices in curriculum? I'm new and would love to hear more of your thoughts on educations! Also a post on your favorite and most loved picture books and chapter books for your at home library! :)

    Thanks! ~ Ali

  35. Thought of one more you recommend any books for me to read as a Mom during my first year of homeschooling! You mentioned liking the Montessori method of education. Any tips on how I can learn more about this method? I'm green and needing any tips you have time to share!

    Also can't wait for you to post another favorite books post!


  36. Your school room looks so fresh & clean! Happy School Year!

  37. Thank you so much for all that you share here. You are such an inspiration and you make me want to be a better mom! I love the reading corner. Could you share where you found the adorable bell? Blessings!

  38. Absolutely gorgeous! This makes me want to homeschool our children {when we have one or some}. I love all the details but I most love that you incorporate God into their daily lives. Thank you for sharing!

  39. What an amazing learning environment for your kids! You did such a gorgeous job!

    I just found your blog yesterday, but I can't remember how exactly- I was blog hopping and I know it was through a link to pictures of your kitchen (I'm about to paint my own cabinets grey). Anyway, I was so excited to find it because I am also a Christian mom that is planning on homeschooling (if everything works out to allow it). You're giving me lots of great ideas, already! Thanks for your great, encouraging blog!

  40. I absolutely love your school room! I would love to know about the curriculum you use...I am planning to home school our littles (2 1/2 yr old twin boys and a 7 week old daughter) I am taking notes. I love the floor! Have a great school year!

  41. so glad to finally see your school's perfect.

    gonna order the lamplighter books....I've heard so many great things about them!

    We read all of the YWAM books about missionaries from around the world.

    My husband reads those at night to our kids...they just finished George Mueller. LOVED IT.

  42. Just found your blog and loved visiting!

  43. Hi Sara, nice blog & good post. overall You have beautifully maintained it, you must try this website which really helps to increase your traffic. hope u have a wonderful day & awaiting for more new post. Keep Blogging!

  44. Your home is beautiful! I had to comment when I saw the Lamplighter books. I am a homeschool mom and I have fallen head over heals for Lamplighter this year. First discovered them last April and now I can't get enough. The Scripture references and the moral lessons they teach are superb!
    We are also building a new house. Love the idea of a water fountain. Will have to think on that!

  45. I first saw this months ago and I love it even more now. And your bathroom!! Divine! Thanks for the peek into your world.

  46. Cool school room! I ran into this while looking at your most recent post. It brings back memories. I home schooled our son who is now 23 with an MBA in business. Time flies! I actually miss having all those books and especially reading time.

    You are Awesome for home schooling your children! Keep up the good work.

  47. I absolutely adore this!! I found your blog through 6th Street Design today and your home is SO lovely! Can't wait to keep exploring your blog and seeing more :)

  48. Dear Sara,
    Really beautiful job on your blog Sara. I'm so proud of you and thankful for all you do.
    Love You,

  49. This is gorgeous! I'm considering doing the VCT black and white flooring in our family room basement/recreation room. Would you recommend it? How do you like it?


  50. I love your school room and I would LOVE to see more posts about your homeschooling life/day!

  51. I totally just pinned this! I LOVE IT!!! I am so jealous of the prep sink and cabinetry! You are a gifted decorator! Your house is beautiful, but not quite as adorable as your munchkins! Precious! I am enjoying your blog now that I found it (on pintrest!)
    Nic @

  52. OH my goodness! I found your blog via Southern Hospitality and I am in love! I love this school room, I have had one planned for my kids like this for years (since I was 18! in fact!) I can't wait to home school my own. Although it is a little daunting, so thanks for the inspiration!

  53. Your school room is WONDERFUL!!! We don't have a school room (only a school section ;) ). What a beautiful room - so much natural light. Love the old door and love that you have a little peep hole from the kitchen into the school room. So many good ideas! :)

  54. Sara, love your schoolroom. i'm looking to do a black and white floor too...would you mind telling me what kind of tiles these are?

  55. Hello - love your schoolroom, thanks for sharing. Where did you get those turquoise/metal filing folder "pockets" that are mounted on the wall??

  56. Peekaboo window is just an awesome idea! This is the advantage of having your own house.
    We don't have that privilege yet (maybe one day).
    Our school area is incorporated in our living room.

    You have really beautiful school room with big windows and lots of nature coming in.. Love it.

    Wishing you all the best in the new school year!

    Love your video recordings too. It makes me know you better ;-)
    Greetings from Hawaii
    Marta Eaton and Nathan


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