my white slipcovers for the couch and loveseat

Monday, October 11, 2010

i love love getting email!  i receive questions, compliments, suggestions....i love it all!

one of the most common questions is regarding the white slipcovers on our sofas.

sofa set #1
this is the loveseat from the set.

when we moved we brought our red floral couches with us.  
they are really pretty they just don't
really go with the look i am going for in this house. 
so rather than spend a fortune on reupholstery,
i opted to try slipcovers.

(the picture below is from our previous home)

the loose, white slipcovers are from wal-mart.  you heard it hear first.  wal.  to the mart.  
 they are the classic sofa slipcover.  if the link doesn't work in the future,
hopefully you can just search that name.  
they do have a subtle stripe through them (white) and don't
fit my couches as tightly as the picture online...but they do the job.  
and for the price point and one cent shipping it was worth it.

so if you see LOOSE white slip covers in my posts they're the wal-mart ones :)

sofa set #2

if you see TIGHT slip covered couches in my posts...these are from ikea.
 yes, they get dirty.  yes, you need to wash them. :)

the loose covers are easy to pull off and throw in my washing machine.

so far with the tight, ikea covers we have just spot cleaned them.  eventually,
this white set may move to the downstairs family room to fulfill a "beachy" look.

at that point we will put some pieces that are a darker shade with more texture,
but until then i love these up here! 

i don't mind a little smudge here and there, but that's just me :) 


  1. I love a good white slipcover - yours are no exception!

  2. I had a friend who raised a whole gaggle of boys and she swore by white slip covers - she said bleaching was a lot easier than trying to clean a pattern. She just bleached them as needed and it always looked so pretty. I love yours!

  3. I have the slipcovers from Ikea too and I love them! I spot cleaned them up until last month when I finally pulled everything off to give it a bath. Whew, that was a job! But the bleach did the job and now they're like new!

    Love your house girl.

  4. I love how your slipcovers look. I have a sofa and love seat I would love to put slipcovers on. I keep hesitating because of all the animals and young adults that come through my house. You make it sounds relatively easy to care for so I may try the Wal-Mart slipcovers in the Spring to see how it works out.

    ~ Tracy

  5. I like the white look:)
    Ha, yes, upholstery is an investment. Plus, doing it yourself.
    I'm getting up some motivation to start stapling with my wingback chair. Heh.
    Pray for me.

  6. I have the EXACT same red floral sofa...with a slipcover over's lasted for years.

  7. I'm such a fan of your living room it feels like home to me. I was wondering if you could tell me where you purchased your white cabinets on each side of the fireplace? I have been looking for something quite similar for my living room. Love your blog!

  8. love all the white slipcover love! :)

    @she loves life - the two pieces on either side of the fireplace are actually built in. we purposely had them built to look like freestanding pieces but are in fact their for life :)

  9. Wow, walmart? Hmmm, I wonder if one would fit my deep couch. Your home is beautiful, thanks for sharing.


  10. what is the turquoise color of the frames called?

  11. I'm your newest follower and I love your space. I love how that looks! I've been shopping for the perfect slipcover but there is no such thing I guess. Did you have to trim or adjust the Ikea Slipcover?

  12. i just had slipcovers made in white denim and with two little kids in the house, everyone thought i was crazy! but you know what? they brighten the place up sooo much and they always look good bc i wash them. yours look great too!


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