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Thursday, October 21, 2010

just a quick note.... i started a facebook page that i can update more often than the blog.  it will mostly be "friday favorite" type posts, coupon codes to share, continuations of blog posts....

so come join us!

and yes, the facebook block on my sidebar is somewhat tacky and large.  so far i've been able to figure out blog design and format on my own but i have taken the plunge and am in the process of having someone else design a new look for the blog!

hopefully 'big facebook icon' over their will become smaller and more pleasant to look at!


and here's a little randomness.  boone is wearing mr.daddy's faceshielding, huge, orange, nothing can touch me helmet.

we worked on a trail for the children that leads to an open area...their "fort"


  1. fun idea!!
    off to join your fb group

  2. I created a FB page earlier this week and had the same problem with the FB widget. I have not had time to play with either the page or the widget yet. I believe I already added your page to my FB. I will check later and if not, I will certainly do so.

    ~ Tracy

  3. Hello,
    I've been searching all morning for your "BE KIND TO TO OTHERS" print! Where can I find it?!?!? God's Blessings from a future homeschooling Momma...being inspired by your blog! Karrie Ann


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