the pumpkin man

Monday, October 11, 2010

we live in a relatively small town.  one of the perks is the pumpkin man.

i went to the same pumpkin man when i was a little girl.
he is kind of old. :)

the pumpkin man has every kind of pumpkin.....and a lot of them!  

the thrill of the hunt.  i say...if you can carry it, you can get it.
the rule of thumb is one pumpkin per person.  we came home with 9. ? . 

hank's face is blurry but its priceless!  he was trying so 
hard to prove he could carry it.

love deanie's humor at the sweet age of 9.5

and dubs....well you're just cute buddy :)

an attempt at all the children together.  poor dubs is crying, honestly,
for no good reason.  just turns the tears on when i say "smile" . ha!

the best part right here.  dickering.  we've never been able to figure
out the pumpkin man's pricing.....i think the more you talk and smile 
the lower the price gets!  this year he started rambling numbers
off like an auctioneer.  hilarious.

boone and hank stopped talking and just looked on.  
mr daddy has a twenty in his hands going back and forth
because the pumpkin man is still deciding.

the whole process is worth the trip.

i love traditions and family.  what a fun night!


  1. What a fun family event! That second picture melts my heart. So sweet!

  2. How cute,the best thing is your kids will remember that same PUMPKIN PATCH when the are older.Your photos are priceless.

  3. Looks like great fun, my kids would enjoy that.

  4. love this.

    such sweet memories that you'll have forever....

  5. How fun! I want to visit the pumpkin man! He looks so sweet and that he loves his job. :) Love all your pics, your kids are gorgeous!

  6. That looks a lot like Gene the Pumpkin Man. It's not, is it? I can't tell from the pic. It looks just like the Pumpkin Man near us.

  7. What a great family tradition!
    I wish we had a pumpkin man in our small town!
    My kids would love it...heck I would love it!

  8. SO FUN! Beautiful photos! Gorgeous children! You are so talented!

  9. totally love this post...

  10. What great fun! Your children are beyond precious!

  11. Love your blog! Your pics are awesome and what a lovely tradition!
    Health and happiness,

  12. Very cute. I'm in a town not far from yours. Where is the pumpkin man? Our tradition is Kercher's in Goshen. We go every year for the festival.

  13. Just found your blog about a month ago, and I love it! I get very sad when you don't post everyday! Your children are just precious and all could be little models! Keep up the good work and may God bless you and your family!

  14. How fun! It looks like y'all had a great time visiting the pumpkin man. You have such a gorgeous family!

  15. The picture of the oldest boy is just stunning!! I've loved watching the progress of your home:)

  16. This is so neat! I want to come see the pumpkin man too!!

  17. i have to tell ya....i LOVE the little ensemble your daughter has on in that first photo. i want to look just like that!
    love it!
    love how you decorate girl, seriously.
    i get tickled each time i see you've posted! :)


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