some of our favorite toys

Saturday, November 27, 2010

here are some of our favorite toys!  maybe they will find their way to your christmas lists this year :)

foam saddle scooter from timberdoodle   this is technically for dubs, but hank is always scooting around on it!  works better on hard surfaces.

smencils.   these are available several places.  timberdoodle, barnes and noble, specialty toy stores.

perplexus. we ALL love to play this :)

haba ball track. dubs (just turned 2) can't get enough of this!

heart club dolls.  MUCH preferred over barbie.  soft, flexible, modest shape.

chess.   we have this particular board by melissa and doug but really any set is fine.  just get playing!


  1. My favorites are The Hearts Club Dolls! I started buying them for my grandaughter. They are so soft and pretty and easy to love!

  2. LOL...i work for a company that sells the pigments to crazy aarons silly putty! small world!

  3. I usually lurk on here, but I had to say thanks for the list! I'm curious, why do you like the Thinking Putty? What do you do with it and for what ages? Lisa~

  4. lisa...thanks for 'unlurking'! :) :) i read history (story of the world) aloud to my children.

    it is during this time that they can choose a can of thinking putty and play with it. they can't WAIT for history time :)

  5. Oooh! That's such a great idea! Thanks. I will order some for their stocking. Lisa~

  6. Wow, thanks so much for the great ideas! They are all new to me and I can't wait to click on each link and read up on these fun toys!

    ~ Ali

  7. Great idea about the thinking putty! I have my 6yro & 11yro illustrate (color ;-) while I read aloud books that are more detailed. The putty is a great idea & I love the storage containers! Thx!
    And... I thoroughly enjoy your blog. I have to come clean and admit that you are the first blog I kept reading until I found myself @ the beginning. :-)

    Blessings :-)

  8.'re so sweet :) and you have some GREAT recipes up on your blog!

  9. Oh - we have tried so many things for my tactile learner but have not come across that thinking putty! Thank you for that!

  10. thanks for the ideas! I actually just ordered some of the books you had recommended a few days ago!


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