the craft room / nook.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

welcome to our sewing and craft area!  

this area gets used for WAY more than just sewing and crafts.  we moved our old dining room table and chairs up here.  besides using it as a cutting table we often are playing games or constructing lego projects here.

this is the same angle of the bonus room during construction.  you can see the wood floor laid just beyond the ladder.

when we built the house i knew that i wanted 1/3 of the bonus room (the room above the garage) to be designated for sewing/crafting and legos/train table.  the flooring is 5" oak and was finished on site.  the wood is great to vacuum up, find needles and play legos on.  i have no regrets!

so this is the sewing side.  the girls share the one table and i have my own nook.

 the other half is for the train table (which currently has a race track on it) and constructing legos.

this is a fort that we put in for the kids and have yet to be inspired of what to do in it.  i am open to any creative minds helping me out there! (it's basically a walk through as you can see from the construction picture above).

here is a full shot of the sewing/craft nook

i'll take you in a little closer for the details.

on top of the fabric cabinet is a jar of vintage buttons (that i use!) and spools of ribbon.  back in the day i had an ebay store and made custom hairbows!   :)  i also have a collection of expandable measuring sticks.

 the bottom drawer holds linings and fillings

top shelf (L-R):  baby onsies for custom gifts, vintage letters for display, cloth diapers for custom gifts
2nd shelf : fabric
3rd shelf:  fabric and a can of spray starch.
bottom shelf: (L-R) 2 stacked floral boxes hold extra ribbon, single floral box holds fringes and embellishments, magazine holders hold machine manuals and sewing catalogs and books.

the mirror is from target.  under that i keep my basket of projects and i have a bunch of embroidery hoops that i have collected from garage sales.  the chandelier is from lowes (or home depot... i can't remember).

the basket next to the fabric cabinet holds projects i am currently working on.  here you will see the works of pillow covers and zippered pouches. 

this is where the girls have their machines for now.  they actually do sew here, together, even though the whole foot area is small and not really accommodating.  i'm looking for some sort of countertop that is completely open underneath to replace this desk.

this white shelf used to be pea green and hung in my room when i was a little girl.

the top shelf displays a milk glass bowl and some vintage display letters.

the middle shelf has a pair of vintage sewing shears from beufort, sc and a really old Bible.  i don't actually read from this Bible but i like that the Word is present in every corner of our home!

the bottom shelf has a divided plastic case for all of our bobbins.  the artwork on display is from  etsy artist eva juliet.

this is where i sew.  mr. daddy gave this machine to me for our first married christmas :)  the thread holder is from joanns.  the desk is from an estate sale.  look here for that makeover.  the chair is also a garage sale find that i remodeled before my blogging days :)

this cute little shelf is from ikea.  it used to be in the girls bedroom in our previous home.  the milk glass pieces are just for display as well as the glass flower frogs.

the bottom shelf has a sturdy green box (from joanns) that i keep my scrapbook paper and stickers in.  my portable sewing kit is on the right.

this wall hanging was given to me last christmas.  the girls worked on it for a really long time with my mother in law.  it is super special to me.

 this cute little cup from the target bath section holds our fabric scissors and a hole punch.

this is an easy embroidery project i did a couple of years ago.  i traced the kiddo's hands with a pencil on white fabric.  then hand stitched on top with a teal embroidery thread.   

this is a rubbermaid drawer unit that i wasn't using anywhere else and it fit perfectly here.

 one drawer holds the beloved label maker.  oh, how every mom should have one.   :)

this is the 'pencil' drawer of the main white desk.  i found the turquoise divider at a local antique shop.  yes, i have several seam rippers. :)  i also keep the business cards that etsy sellers send with my purchases.  the brown wooden box was originally gifted to me with THE most yummy chocolates from john & kira's chocolates....mmmmmm.....

now, it humbly holds tape measures, hooks and needles.

one of my drawers holds a collection of vintage flash cards.  i would love to frame and sell them.....someday :)

another drawer holds glitter, a circle punch, stamp pads and stamps.  in the zippered pencil case are alphabet stamps.

happy sewing and crafting!


  1. Oh my goodness gracious gorgeous. Those windows, the table, the play area for the kids...I absolutely love the way you set this up! I saw in a Parade of Homes where they had a little nook like this and they had a general store sign outside and had some play shopping baskets, shelves with play food, cash register etc. It was adorable.

  2. what a lovely sunny looking nook you have created for yourself, the girls and boys!

  3. What an inspiring place to craft. I love it!

  4. This room is bigger than my entire apartment!! No joke.


  5. long for the day when I have a room like that.....enjoy every inch of I'm sure you do!

  6. what a wonderful multipupose area for you to have. you can sew and still watch the kids at the same time. Nice space.

  7. I absolutely LOVE your room!!!! :) Thanks for sharing all the little details! SO fun :)

  8. Just beautiful, as is the whole house ! There seems to be a peacefulness about your house - I think it stems from the love of family that is obviously in abundance there.

    thank you for sharing,

  9. How beautiful! Of course I wouldn't expect anything less as your home is gorgeous. I can only imagine the fun you and your family must have in your craft room. Such inspiration....

  10. Beautiful. Love John and Kira's too! Where did you get that cute glass door cabinet? Thanks!

  11. I like how you have all of the items divided up and organized, and I really like the openness of the room, it seems like you get a great amount of light in there, it must be wonderful to work on projects there!

    -Kim AKA Mr. Gnome

  12. Your home is so beautiful!!! What a wonderful space for sewing and crafting! I'm so happy for you!

  13. How blessed you are to have such an inspiring space! Those floors, ceilings, windows and beam are all to die for! Love it all!

  14. Your home is amazing and this just kicks it up another notch again. What a wonderful space. Your mudroom is amazing as well. I'd love to have such useful spaces in our home! You can tell you put so much thought and planning into your home. It is full of such livable and beautiful spaces. Truly a gift for your entire family!

  15. I need a room like that, even though I don't sew!! You have mad organizational skills, love it!! I love the fact that both of your girls have sewing machines!!

  16. Sara! Love it all. Thanks for sharing. You are so ubber awesome. Just finsihed some pillows...and thought it was fun that you too are doing fun ruffle pillows. I learned a new and awesome trick for super easy ruffles...we will have to get together soon.
    amy d

  17. Oh, Sara... It's beautiful!!!! Thank you so much for sharing your home. It's just lovely!!!! :0)

  18. I love your style! Beautiful use of white!!!! Hope you are enjoying all your boots a bit more now!!;)

  19. WOW--love your taste! Love your use of white! BEAUTIFUL! Hope you are enjoying all those boots a bit more. :)

  20. WOW!! You have an absolutely gorgeous craft room, and I LOVE that sewing table! Well done!

  21. Great job! I love how you did to your room and that wall with photos by your kids and mother-in-law is sweet, i also like the hands on that white cloth. You are good!! xoxo

    Grow your eyelashes longer with Bimatoprost!

  22. thanks ladies for the encouragement :)

    @melissa - cute idea about the grocery store setup....i have seen that before...i definitely need to be more intentional re: figuring out what to do with that fort!

    @annon 1 - the glass fabric cabinet is from ikea. you buy the shelf and the glass doors are an additional option. i am really pleased with it and the drawer glides really well!

  23. You lucky girl you- I would love to have a craft/sewing area in my tiny home. You've done a beautiful job with your sweet nook and thanks for the tour.

  24. What a fun space! I'm gathering ideas for our dream house...:)

  25. Hi Sara! I had to feature you and some other great projects on my blog today!

  26. I love your blog! Your house is beautiful. And what a great sewing/craft room! I love that your girls have their own little work space too! :-)

  27. Can you please tell me where you purchased the little white crystal chandelier that hangs in your craft room? I have been looking for one just like it for my daughters room.



  28. I can't believe I just found this post. Love this room and all of your great organization ideas. It's great that you can craft right next to your kiddos while they are playing.

    I would love to ask a question....where did you get the big pendant light with the white shade that hangs in the center of the room? I am looking for the exact light with white shade.

    Many thanks1

  29. I love your crafting area! I was just wondering, I noticed the initials next to their cross-stiched hand prints are different than your kiddos name initials. Do they go by their middle names or nicknames?

  30. I love the room. It looks like such a relaxing place to work on crafts and spend family time. Mine would never look like that. I have too much stuff;) My stash of scrap book supplies and fabric would take over. Maybe I need to down size!


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