faq: the drinking fountain

Monday, January 17, 2011

**these posts are part of FAQ series that will include answers and further details to the questions i receive about the house.  if you have questions please use the email me button over on the sidebar and i'll include them in this series**  click here for more FAQ.

the drinking fountain

q:  where did you purchase your drinking fountain?
a:  the fountain is the  Kohler K-5264-0 White Millbrooke Drinking Fountain purchased online at www.needplumbingsupplies.com

q:  is it a water mess?  do the kids always mess around with it?
a:  yes, no, not really. :)  yes, you will get water drips on the floor from children racing in to get a drink, racing away while still swallowing the water...while its dripping halfway down their little faces :).  but this is why we carried the slate floor all the way through that area.  it just absorbs or if it dries up it blends in.  

the messing/playing with the water...mostly its the 2-3 year old age range children but even then they're just turning it on and off.  i have had NO regrets with this installation of an interior drinking fountain.  oh, the plumber will adjust the flow so it doesn't shoot out onto the wall :)

q:  is it hooked up to cold water or do you have a chiller?
a:  pretty sure its just to the cold water since i don't know what a chiller is! :)  it comes out cool though...not icy cold.  


  1. That drinking fountain is the best idea ever... I wish I'd thought of something like that when my kids were small. My husband wants to put one in his barn when he gets plumbing in it.


  2. too cool.
    the thing I love about your house is how FUNCTIONAL it is.

    It seems like you really paid attention to all the details..the elements that you LOVE.

    maybe a little strange for a question? what does your husband do for a living? Is he a contractor?

  3. You know I want one of those. Our next house will definitely have one. I just love the whole idea. Brilliant.

  4. I love this.. I think it is so much fun! I would have LOVED this as a kid!

  5. If we had a little bigger house, I think I would have put one of those in our house as well. Fantastic idea!

  6. I've loved this since the first time you posted about it. My new dream is to have one in our house one day!
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    Happy Monday!

  7. I use to spend the summers with my aunt and uncle in New Orleans and they had a water fountain in the garage and I was so drawn to it. Thought it was the coolest and fanciest thing I had ever seen. Now my aunt and uncle have passed, the house was flooded, then gutted, then sold to someone else. Water fountain gone. Thanks for reminding me. I had forgotten it. Funny what becomes a sweet memory.

  8. Wow, what a great idea! And the slate floor beneath is definitely a good thing. You will love this fountain even more when your kids get older and you have a bunch of "Big Boys" always wanting a drink of water after playing hard outside. Great job!

  9. This is genius. I'm researching this right now for our house.

  10. Just saw this on Pinterest. I've often thought that a drinking fountain would be so handy to have! :)


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