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Friday, January 28, 2011

i am cleaning and organizing like its nobodies business!  phewsh!

i think i found 32 ponytail holders in various area of the house.  really?


i am working on pictures of the boys bunk room!!  finally.  i have had several requests and have put it off for no other reason than i didn't have pictures.  soon.  very soon.


tomorrow night mr. daddy is taking me out to get some running shoes.  that's all i'm going to say.
then we're going to our favorite tapas restaurant with my brother in law and new sister in law!  so much to look forward to.


okay.  on with the favorites.  and i must say these are FAVES!

FIRST:  origins VitaZing.

i put this on in the morning after i wash my face and apply acne spot treatment (yes i still use that stuff even though i'm 32)

then i put this on my face....its glorious.  it is a light moisturizer, but it has teeeeeny tiny capsules that burst/pop open/disolve when you blend it on.  its like a slight tint but sooo subtle.  i would say it would work with any skin color.  really.  its hard to explain.  i bought mine at macy's.

i use this on days that i just want a light and natural look.  i follow up with my MAC pressed mineral powder and a little blush and mascara and off i go.

i use this 5 times a day, at least.  on my hardwood floors, slate, and vinyl (the schoolroom).  i keep it in the pantry and we do pop the battery out between each use to recharge it.  just make it a habit.  

oh, it had two level.  1 for hard surfaces and 2 for carpet.  so i do use it on the area rugs too.

mr. daddy gave me mine for christmas but i'm pretty sure he bought it at bed bath and beyonce.

check out my other favorites.  happy weekend!


  1. Two great favorites. I have to try the cream. I like the sound that it has a slight tint as I am not a huge foundation fan. Also, the stick vac, how is the suction? I bought an Electrolux stick vac and I'm lucky if it sucks anything.

  2. Looking forward to the bunk bed post!! And running shoes ... whatcha runnin'?

    Oh and ponies ... I feel like whenever I vacuum, I don't just vacuum, but stuff my pockets with ponies, silly bands and kelly doll shoes:). I am going to miss this one day, right?!

    Have a great weekend!!

  3. OMGosh!!! I knew I liked you the moment I saw your kitchen! I LOVE the origins cream as well. After I started using it, I seriously told everyone I know how great it is! Haha! And, I love my shark! (So much I am on my second one!)
    Have a great night out:)

  4. Way to go on the organizing! Isn't amazing what you find in random corners of the house! I'm always surprised! When organizing closets I always forget to take a "before" pics! You are a runner! Wow, I'm impressed! Enjoy your new running shoes and have a fun double date!

    ~ Ali


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