hilton head

Saturday, January 29, 2011

because i'm cold right now.   let's go back to our recent trip to hilton head.  love.

oh squinty eyes to the sun...i miss you.

skipping naps to spend extra time on the beach flicking water between our toes.

evening trips to pino gelato.  yum!  

 crocheting by the pool....in the sun.....where its warm.....wearing sunglasses because its so sunny.

judging highest jumps, biggest splashes, most twists.....

date nites

going to beaufort, sc for the day to visit shops like this....

yup, i'm cold, its cloudy and i'm missing the sun.  good thing i have lots of little blessings running around the house to bring me bursts of sunshine! :)


  1. I could go for some gelato and cute shops right now!! (and I can't lie... I don't care too much for sand and and beaches! :/ ) I wish I could bottle some of our sunshine and mid-70s weather today and send it your way... Oh how I understand the winter blahs, though, coming from the dreary Ohio snow belt before sunny Texas!! Have a great weekend! :)

  2. I love Hilton Head....and Beaufort!!!

    We went there a few years ago and have the best memories together...

    Hoping sunshine for you today....

    LOVE the outfit you wore on your date night!

  3. Oh man, now I'm missing Hilton Head, too!!!!!!

  4. Haha just scanning your blog. I grew up on Hilton Head. My parents still live there. I do miss the beach!! It was a neat place to grow up.
    Kelly k

  5. I grew up on Hilton head!! So funny to see people blog and talk about it.
    Kelly K


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