organizing jewelry

Sunday, January 9, 2011

i love a fun piece of jewelry to add a little spark to the daily jeans and a sweater combo.

most stores have costume jewelry at super affordable prices now too!  kohls, forever 21, target, meijer....while i'm grocery shopping.  shoot, sometimes i'll be turning to go down the fruit aisle and i make a uturn passed the socks and waffle makers and find a really cute bracelet!   :)

i have a place for my earring and necklaces but i was having a hard time with the pile of bracelets.

enter cute bowls from anthropologie (thank you for the christmas gift susie!)

i thought to put them on my shelves in the kitchen...but somehow they made their little way on up to the bedroom and have not left. :)  bracelets, welcome home.


  1. I love that idea!! So cute!!! And I am the same way at the grocery store!!

  2. love those bowls....where'd you get those? they look anthropolgiish.

  3. Very cute idea! -I don't have much jewelry but I have done something very similar. I have mine stored in an old medium sized glass candle holder :)

  4. tara...the bowls are indeed from anthropologie :)


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