snow days.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

18 cousins. 2 grandmas. 1 great aunt. 2 moms.  that's a lot of boots, mittens, snow pants and hats!

we shipped them outside as fast as we could bundle them up :)

slowly finding more room.....

dubs and his sweet cousin from south carolina.


we're planning another sledding date later this month.  so many fun memories.  and what a blessing that all these kiddos are homeschooled!  a middle of the week "grandma day" certainly works as a field trip!

remember the surprise toboggan? we squeezed seven little kiddos and pushed them down the hill.......only dancy fell off the back on her way down :)

our family LOVES the snow.  its important to have warm boots, mittens and snow clothes.  it makes all the difference.  

for our children i like the hanna andersson snowpants and jackets and kamik cold weather boots. i always buy black so they can be passed down to the boys.  


  1. wowwwwww i LOVED this post. makes me want to be a kid again and go sledding haha. what a great thing you guys have going on being able to be all together! i was homeschooled 2-high school! loved it. let me travel and do so many things i couldn't have otherwise. and also.. wowww gorgeous house! you have a lovely home. and i wish i could do all that white. my white couch is no longer white haha. it's loved. ;) ps i'm going a blog link up on wednesdays now! i just posted a video inviting everyone to join in! would loveee for you to participate.

  2. Oh my word. I know how chaotic that must have been. Chaotic...but fun!!!

  3. sara, you are better woman than i!!
    i have half mine home during our snowed in situation and they are getting antsy!
    i am seriously coveting your fabulous table that seats TEN?!
    oh my word!!
    even on a crowded snow day, you home is simply gorgeous

  4. That looks like way too much fun! Wonderful memories for sure! Your home is just beautiful too!

  5. That looks like way to much fun! Wonderful memories were made today for sure. Your home is just beautiful!

  6. Wow Sarah!!! How much fun!!! Im so jealous that your kids have ALL THOSE COUSINS who are also homeschooled!!! HOW MUCH FUN!!!

    Hope yall enjoy your field trip!!!

  7. I must say I love your home and how it feels so welcoming!! That table all the kids are sitting at is just awesome, but can I ask how do you keep those chairs clean? I have two lil boys and would love some similiar chairs for my new dining room, so if you could share any tips please!!! Thanks Tammy

  8. I love your blog, I just found you and am a new follower! Your house is amazing and your family beautiful! I love the post of getting all the kids ready for outside. I remember getting ready when I was little, you get all bundled up and ready and then have to go to the bathroom; my Mom quick learned to make me go before we got ready to go sledding!


  9. This is such a cute post! Seriously, you live a dream life! So fun to see the mudroom packed out with kids...the total purpose of a big old mudroom! I loved seeing the "entire" class around the table! You were smart when you bought that big old dinning room table! :) What a terrific snow day! Thanks for the tips on snow clothes brands! What color are the couches in the other living room off of the dining room are they cream or tan? Where did you buy those? What is that room called? Love all those huge windows! Beautiful! You live a beautiful life!

    ~ Ali

  10. I also wondered if you scotched guard your chairs around the dinning table? Have you found anything to keep those chairs stain proof! I just spilled raspberry trifle all over my tan carpet, white shag rug and blue gray walls...keep in mind it was ME the Mom and not the kids! HAha! I have white ikea couches (look similar to yours) I love that I can wash the slip covers with kids (and me) it really helps!

  11. Just peeked at the pics again! Seriously love your style! You home is totally beautiful! Even more important you are a great Mom to some great kids! Have fun sledding!

    ~ Ali

  12. what absolute fun!

    you are brave with that many people in your house...makes me like you even more!

  13. What fun!!! I love your blog!!! Thank you for sharing.


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