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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

**these posts are part of FAQ series that will include answers and further details to the questions i receive about the house.  if you have questions please use the email me button over on the sidebar and i'll include them in this series**  click here for more FAQ.

q:  where did you get your chandelier?
a:  the chandelier is the madison twelve light legacy chandelier purchased online from  lampsplus.com.  here is a post about that purchase.

q:  what color are your kitchen cabinets and island?
a:  benjamin moore fieldstone

q:  what kind of hardware to you have on your cabinets?
a:  gilmore pulls from restoration hardware in polished chrome.  

q:  what kind of countertops do you have?
a:  marble.  white italian ice. 

q:  do you like your white marble countertops?  do they stain or leave marks?
a:  i LOVE our countertops.  the builder and countertop store guys advised against it.  :)  glad i went with what i wanted :)  i am very honest though....you WILL get spotting.  i wipe my counters daily with a washcloth.  and dry them.  but we live here!  and its marble!  so spotting will happen.  we knew this though and it does not bother me.  when guests come to visit you can not notice it UNLESS they specifically start to ask about the countertops and we angle our heads just right to see them.  its a water spot on white so it blends in.  if this bothers you then don't go with marble :)  if not....go for it!

q:  what is that little door under the microwave?
a:  this is a peek through door to the school room.  it is GREAT!  its open most of the time, so when i am preparing lunch or dinner or loading the dish washer...i glance over and can see what is going on in the schoolroom.  :)

q:  what kind of faucet do you have and where is your faucet from?
a:  the faucet is from efaucets.com online.  it is rohl perrin & rowe bridge kitchen faucet and sidespray.  the model # is U.4764L-APC.  ours was purchased in polished chrome.  the prep sink is from there too....the matching one to the main.  

q:  do you like having one large, undivided sink?
a:  yes. yes. yes.  fits large pots and pans and i can stack lots of dishes for quick clearing during entertaining. 

q:  what kind of sink is it?
a:  shaw

q:  what kind of tile is your backsplash?
a:  we purchased all of our tile through a local tile/carpet store.  the kitchen backsplash is a 3x6 white, beveled subway tile.

q:  where did you get your pendant lights?
a:  the pendant lights were purchased through a local lighting store.  they are the chrome pendant by quorum.  #801-15-14

q:  what kind of wood is your island?
a:  walnut.  we ordered it from blockhead blocktops

q:  what color are the walls?
a:  benjamin moore vapor trails

q:  what kind of wood floor do you have?
a:  5 inch oak flooring.  finished and stained on sight.

q:  are your beams solid wood?
a:  no.  they are hollow.  our builders made them, hand hewn and stained.


  1. I love your table! I have been looking for something like that for a long time. Where did you get it?

  2. About the marble counter, I have heard so many people say, "I don't mind the water stains" but have not had the chance to see a marble counter top in real life with stains. Would love to see a picture with the stains so I could get a feel for if I could live with the spots and stains. Thanks!

  3. Do you use your prep sink very often? What is it's size?

  4. oh I can live with a few water spots. Love that marble. If I ever have to remodel a kitchen again (hoping not too), I will go with marble. I love my current granite choice, but have always wanted marble!

  5. This was so helpful and informative. My husband and I dream about building our forever home in the next few years and this is definitely something I will bookmark and reference in the future. Your kitchen is amazing!!! I follow cote de texas and you did such a good job getting the Sally Wheat look. Lovely, lovely, lovely!

  6. absolutely stunning! thank you for sharing! i'm craving a new sink just like yours!!

  7. printing this one out for my dream home folder. thanks for all of the info.

  8. I just love your kitchen. As I start planning our kitchen redo I was wondering-what is the distance between your island and countertops?

  9. do you know what color you used to stain the oak flooring?

  10. This kitchen is BEAUTIFUL. I love the look and the feel of the lighting.

  11. Just love your kitchen, especially the open shelving and expansive counter top for working. Lots of inspiration to take from here. Thanks for sharing.

  12. I saw your link on 6th Street this weekend and I LOVE your home. Thanks for answering those questions, especially about the marble. I've been wanting marble for a long time and I'm glad to have someone's opinion who is living with them and living with kids. Thanks again!

  13. LOVE your kitchen! Thinking about painting my cabinets a similar color to yours. Just curious what finish you chose and how it's holding up? Thank you!!

  14. Hi! Love your Blog. I have a question that I cannot find the answer to....where did you purchase your kitchen table, does it have a name and who makes it??

    Thank you.

  15. Hi, Love you blog and actually starting to paint my kitchen cabinets this week. I bought the fieldstone paint and after putting on my bathroom cabinets it's looking a little minty green. I wasn't sure if it's just my lighting in the bathroom. I was a little hesitant about it in my kitchen, does your cabinets come across minty at all? I love the way they look in my house but wanting them to look more gray than green. Hope that makes sense. Picking out cabinet color is SO hard! Thanks so much, Amanda

  16. Hi Sara, Love your blog! I homeschool my four boys and enjoy all posts. I am wanting to paint my kitchen cabinets this week and bought the fieldstone paint from benjamin moore. I painted my bathroom cabinets first and they look a little minty green to me. Just wondering in your kitchen if your cabinets come across minty at all or more gray. Love the way they look on in your home. I know it has a green undertone but didn't want minty. Hope that makes sense. Picking cabinet color is SO hard. Thanks for any help!


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