friday favorites: the medicine chest

Friday, February 25, 2011

i am so honored to be making a little appearance today over at
kirsten is a very talented interior designer located in utah.  peruse through her work over on her blog.  thank you kirsten :)

if you're visiting from 6th street design school, welcome!  please stay awhile :)


for my favorites today i wanted to share how we fight off the flu, colds, earaches, sore throats etc.  we get sick, but we have not had to go to the doctor in years, but once (for strep throat).

here is what i always have on hand.  this stuff works so well for our family i just have to share!

ear aches:

mullein/garlic drops by herb's etc.  it has to be this exact kind.  we purchase ours at the local natural health food store.

the moment anyone complains of achy ears i put a few drops in and have them lay on their side.  for dubs and when the other's were babies i put the drops in while they were in the bathtub or while they were sleeping.  by the morning time you will feel better.  if the ear is achy during the day the 'patient' will lay low and receive the recommended dosage throughout the day as well.

sore throat:

activated charcoal.  my mother in law has used this for years and brought many of her children through sickness' with charcoal.  i keep capsules and powder both on hand.  any brand is fine for this.

for adults, you can either put a capsule in the back of your mouth and let it disintegrate over night, slowly swallowing what is released (put a towel on your pillow)  or you can put a tiny amount (tip of your pinky) of powder on the back of your tongue, every 30 minutes to an hour.


boiron products.  hands down.

never has a cough syrup calmed me down at night when i needed it like this one.  without feeling groggy in the morning too!

the oscillococcinum are tiny little pellets that come in a vile.  my kids think they taste like sugar.  

the key with the osci. and cold calm is to keep them in your mouth as long as possible.  this is easy for everyone since there is no taste.

these are a MUST in your mama nurse arsenal.  

the other thing we do with a cough is put cold packs on the chest.  lay a towel down, then the cold pack. keep it on for as long as you can stand it.  the older kids, daddy and myself will put it on at nite before we go to bed if a bad cough is present.

hopefully you won't be needing to use any of this, but if you're not feeling well, i hope this helps!


  1. Just found your blog via Kirsten' house is wonderful! Love the school room...oh, and the craft room and mud room! Great job.

  2. thanks for sharing this sara. i prefer a natural, homeopathic route over otc drugs any day! i haven't taken any otc in 6years and haven't had a headache since i quit eating refined sugars (i use stevia).

  3. Great information. I like alternatives that don't include a visit to the doctors!

  4. Thanks for sharing your tips! I, too, found your blog through Kirsten. You have a gorgeous home!

  5. I also just found your blog, can't remember how I got here though!
    I've never heard of the charcoal for sore throats before... I'll have to try that one next time.

  6. Hi, I'm visiting (well, now a new follower) from 6th street and I just LOVE your home!! Every.little. detail!! Thank you so much for sharing all the fun stuff! What a beautiful family you have!

    Have you ever tried Vicks Vapor Rub on the heals for a cough? My mom sent me a fwd email about it and I thought it was a joke buy my daughter has Asthma and when she gets a cold, she'll keep us up all night with a cough. Once I tried Vicks on the heals with socks on and we all got some much needed rest. I'm a huge believer now!

  7. I am here from Kristen's blog. She featured my house last week. We have a lot of the same taste...I have the same slate floors, RH knobs, etc. But we don't have all your SPACE! A crafts room? It's all beautiful!
    Mary Ann
    Good tips to stay/get healthy.

  8. Your house is gorgeous! How many square feet is it? If you don't mind me asking...

  9. Came across your blog via 6th Street Design. So neat to see another blogger with many of the same 'loves' that I have...Jesus, great husbands, big families and thrifty home design.

  10. I can't wait to try some of these ... thanks for sharing! :)

  11. I love your healing philosophy, it's right up my ally! We recover faster from any ailment we have when we use natural remedies. I've used both modalities...doctors/pharmaceuticals...and a holistic approach for recovery. The best thing about it really is NO side effects and I feel it's more affective!

  12. Thank you for the Friday Favorites! We needed these items about 4 weeks ago. Question: Do you use the regular Boiron products for your kids or do you purchase the children's version? Thanks!!

  13. Question for you. Where did you get those yellow rugs in your mud room?? I love them.

  14. I am so thrilled to find and follow your wonderful blog through Kirsten!! Your home is fabulous, and I love reading about the natural products you use...I'm a big fan!!

  15. Perfect timing. I ran out and got some today. Everyone has a cold in my house. It really works well!

  16. i am a huge fan! i have never commented because my blog is private. Thank you for the tips -I have written down all the products and will be shopping tomorrow ;)

  17. Tried to get on that other blog, but the link didn't work. Did anyone else have this problem? Want to read it :)
    Thanks for the Friday favorite tip!

  18. oops, that was me, not my husband, Chris :)

  19. heather: i use the regular boiron for the kiddos. i didn't even know they had children's :)

    r&s: the yellow rugs in the mudroom are from grandin road

    sarah: i fixed that! thanks :)

  20. Its official. I want to move in asap. Loved your post and loved your house even more!!!

  21. You're house is beautiful! Found you from 6th street design school. I loved this post. I am all about the natural stuff at my house too and we haven't had to see a doctor in years either. It is so wonderful to have things at home in your "arsenal" to use when needed. I do a post every week about my favorite natural remedies if you'd like to see mine!

  22. So glad that you were featured on 6th Street so that I could find you! I'm loving your blog!

    I was homeschooled my entire school career and now have kids of my own that I'm looking forward to homeschooling.

    I have had chronic ear infections since I was a kid and antibiotics don't work for me...I LOVE the garlic ear drops though. They work so well!

    And I'm your newest follower!

  23. I've just been reading your blog for over an hour! I'm feeling like a huge stalker! LOVE finding new inspirational blogs... it's the best! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your home!

  24. Great tips. I have never heard of some of these, but am definitely intrigued. I feel like my little girl is a little germ factory and we have all been a lot more sick since she was born.

  25. Mentioned you on my blog post today.

  26. I love borion products! they always make me feel better and they taste so good!

  27. Saw your home featured on 6th street design...LOVE IT!! I'm looking for a lamp shade for my kids art area. Where did you get that abc/123 shade in your kids' room?


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