friday favorites

Thursday, February 10, 2011

i really like this journal.  you can use it for four years.  it captures about 4 lines of journaling each day.

post it pockets.  my sister in law, heather, introduced these to me.  instant organization.

i have two in my pantry.  i keep stamps in one and activity schedules in another.

i have two more inside another cupboard door.  i keep the checkbook in one and misc. papers in the other.  i found mine at target but most office supply stores have them too.  i add a label from my label  maker to the front of these.


  1. I always love your Friday favorites. Don't know if I ever told you that. I'm going to look into those post-it pockets. Simple concept, but oh so useful!

  2. i absolutely love the idea of that journal!
    i love to keep a diary, but i'm not a wordy person, so this would suit me to a tea :)

  3. i think i am going to go out and just buy blue books..i love using them as a pop of color.

  4. i love your favorites friday......i NEED some of those post it pockets....

    and the journal...that would be great to keep record of the things my kids say!

  5. Post-It Pockets? I will be heading to Office Depot for several of those.
    On another note, I purchased on Ebay for my daughter for Christmas all but three of the Joy Berry Help Me Be Good books. They were in perfect used condition and I was able to snag them all for $40. Thanks for the great recommendation!

  6. What a great idea! Thanks for sharing them!

  7. I've never seen the post-it pockets before. They're such pretty designs and so practical, too. I'll have to search them out. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Sara, I love so much about your home...the calm colors, flow, practicality, thoughtfulness of what went into the layout, etc. We have some commonalities in our lives...I, too, am a devout Christian, stay-at-home wife, home schooling mom to seven kiddos (4 biological, 3 adopted both domestically and internationally). I have commented for years on the practicality of a drinking fountain...and now I can "prove" it to others via your blog! Someday, I'll be getting one for my crew! This is turning into a long comment, but I don't have Microsoft Outlook, so I cannot open your 'email me'. I have a few questions regarding colors in your home. I currently live in "the house of colors" own doing. I'm trying to get a more calming flow. Love your colors, but wanted to know if you used the same color on the walls of your fireplace room (living? family?) that you have on your kitchen walls? Also, I know there can be a fine line to opening your home up to freaky people via the internet, so I completely understand if you don't want to post photos of your music room, but I am so curious!!! Thanks so much for your time!


  9. I have Post it Pocket in the laundry room with a stain chart and some special handling labels that came with certain clothing items. Also have one inside my car where I put post office drop off; etc. I just found your blog recently and I am enjoying your ideas and thoughts on so many things.


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