happy 8th birthday dancy.

Monday, February 7, 2011

happy birthday sweet girl. 
daddy and mom pray you grow to love the Lord Jesus more and more each day.

dancy is a very creative free spirit!  she had so many ideas for a "theme" that we just did all of them :)

for the "candy" theme we made a candy cake.  yummy duncan hines.  adorned with mike & ikes, skittles, and gum drops.

for the "american girl doll" theme, we lined all the dolls up on the couch.

for the "pink and white" theme we rocked pink and white balloons.

and finally for a horse theme, yup...that's four themes, we mad a horse banner.  that was accomplished with googled horse silhouette pictures cut and glued onto scrapbook circles, strung with ribbon and tacked in place 5 minutes before guests arrived! :)

she loved all the decorations! :)

i usually set up an extra table for the kiddos.  i used two table cloths from my collection, over our card table.

these pictures are blurry but i love the excitement of answering the door to welcome guests!

the menu was s.i.m.p.l.e.  sun chips, stouffers lasagna, homemade mac n cheese, clementine oranges, juice and water.

enjoying the food together!

the kids all ran to the window to see the deer crossing the back yard.

dancy, you always think of others before yourself.  you prepare meals for others, offer to clean up, you always show concern when someone is sick, your heart aches for the children who are suffering in uganda and around the world,  you pray with no inhibition...often leading the prayer when someone gets hurt or is hurting.

i know God will continue to grow these characteristics in you and i pray you will always use them to His glory.

present time!  breyer horse books.  perfect for dancy :)  i am really pleased with these books.  hard cover, illustrations, easy chapter reading......great for transitioning from picture books to chapter books.  and there are a lot of them to collect!

my sister made this cute shirt and headband for her!

i love this picture.  look how happy she is waiting to blow out her candles......

make a wish!

sweet 8 years old.  the next day we continued to celebrate!

hank gave you pictionary jr.  this will be fun for family nite!

here you are showing your love.  dubs wanted to open a present so bad....you didn't even hesitate and pulled him in the chair to help you.

we moved on to the jump house place and had fun bouncing on all the mega bounce slides and houses.

our family had the entire place to ourselves because of the looming snow blizzard of 2011.  nothing stops us from celebrating!!  we bounced and played silly arcade games.

dubs was enamored by the trains that catch tokens.....

i'm not sure how all these tickets came out at once but i had the lovely job of counting them :)  576.

we rounded out that second evening, braving the snow and going out to dinner with the other side of the family.


deanie and dancy.  best friends.

happy birthday dancy.  your smile lights up my life. :)

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  1. New to your blog.
    This is so darn cute I can't stand it. Your baby girl is adorable and what an amazing birthday party. I have an 8 year old too and oddly enough she is very big into American Girl dolls and Bryer horses. I didn't know they had books.
    Great photos.

  2. Such a sweet party! Happy Birthday to your adorable girl! Our daughter will be 5 next month...it really goes by fast.

  3. beautiful party for a beautiful girl.......

  4. Happy Birthday Dancy!!! You're a beautiful young lady and how precious to hear your Mama share that your heart is beautiful, too!

  5. 8 what a precious age!! my lil one is 8 as well! Happy bday to her and many blessings!! xoxo's Nancy

  6. Awww that is such a sweet tribute to your beautiful and special girl! How blessed she is to have a mama that loves her so.

  7. I love each of her gifts! Great ideas to keep in mind as my 4 year old daughter gets older! Nice to see quality toys!

    What type dollhouse do your daughters have? I'm considering the PBK's Newport dollhouse? What do you recommend?

    Looks like you accomplished decorating with several themes beautifully! You did a great job of celebrating your daughter!

    ~ Ali

  8. Love the candy cake! So festive. It looks like everybody had a great time at the party. What fun themes! Thanks for sharing.

  9. Happy birthday!! Looks like a fantastic time for a sweet girl.

    Is that an a on the shirt? Okay, now I'm dying to know what that stands for... :)

  10. Such sweet words for your daughter. You should be proud of these traits you see in her. Most likely she is seeing the same ones in you! Great party mom!

  11. Hi Sara,
    Nice to see you Sunday and meet your beautiful family. I thought I would just leave you a comment and let you know that I enjoy looking at your blog! :-)


    I'm thrilled for her/you/the family and for the whole world to be blessed by her amazing heart and light.
    Obviously, she has a great Mama ;)
    My Kate-Elizabeth is turning 8 next month and I've been dreaming up what to do since we are moving to Italy next week to live there for almost a year(have I already told you that? I can't remember!)and I'm thinking a pizza & gelato party is in the works. We adore the American Girl dolls, etc., too! We homeschool as well and all 3 of my kids are voracious readers and I applaud your bibliophile ways.
    Well, I've left quite a tome myself here.
    MANY blessings to you and your sweet family and I hope you can stop by my blog some time,

  13. What a darling birthday girl and a beautiful party! Oh, and I couldn't help but notice that gorgeous chandie in a couple of those pics!!

  14. Looks like a great time! Can you post the recipe for the homemade mac & cheese~it looks yummy!

  15. so adorable, I love your blog! Did you know that most of those places have a machine that count the tickets for you? I didnt know until I had spent an insane amount of time counting them and some little 4 year old stranger came up to me and told me I should just put them in the machine :)

  16. My 7 year old is into all these same things and I LOVE how you incorporated all 4 of her themes:) It looks like she had a wonderful birthday!

  17. Hi!! I am new to your blog and just absolutely LOVE your site! Your home is just beautiful!
    Anyways, I saw this post of your sweet little girls bday and that it was American Girl doll themed! My mom sews the BEST handmade doll clothes for the AG dolls! She is on hiatus for the month of February but will be back in March to display some new items that she has just created! She has hundreds of one of a kind designs! Check her out {and be sure to go back on the 7th} to see all of her new stuff! I stopped by her house yesterday to take a look and I am so jealous that I'm not 18" tall :) http://www.alldolledup-dollclothes.com/
    Have a fabulous day!!!


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