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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

living in a state that brings a lot of snow you have one of two choices.  embrace it or hate it.  since we won't be moving anytime soon (or ever), we choose to embrace it.

a couple of weeks ago we decided to hit the slopes, with five children in tow.

we want to instill in them a love for winter and the changing seasons.  open their eyes to the opportunities available when the snow is thick.  plus... the mom in me prays they will love home so much that one day all my children will end up living right around the corner! :) :)

we went during the least busy week of the ski season.  perfect, less crowds. 

we signed the four big kids up for a few hours of private lessons.  believe it or not, that's all it took!  they had never been skiing before and by the end of the three days the three big kids were riding the chair lifts  and skiing moderate slopes and hank was a pro at the bunny hill!

retrieving our skis from the valet.

deanie is ready to go!  she is almost 10 and learning to ski and being able to do it well was such a thrill for her.

dancy just turned 8 and LOVED everything about skiing.  the chairlifts, the ski boots, the hot chocolate.... :)

on day two we put hank with his own instructor.  the three big kids were making progress and this little man (he's 4) needed to master a few more techniques. :)  

these ski instructors were so great with our children!

super patient, encouraging, and funny.

i was with dubs (short for G.W.) most of the time.  which was totally fine.  i took him down the bunny hill a few times, chilled in the room while he napped, took him to get a snack in the lodge, perused the ski shop.....

mr. daddy was super dad for sure.  he took the three big kids down the slopes all day and survived a tumbling pile up off the chair lift (two times).

we all had so much fun and this will definitely become a yearly tradition!


  1. Skiiing is sooo fun!!! I haven't been in years but your post brought back so many fond memories.

    Your kiddos look like natural ski bunnies!

  2. Looks like you all had a great time. And looks like a lot of work. I'm sure your kids will have great memories from the week. Good for you!

  3. I havent been skiing in years but we recently went tubing on a weekend youth retreat and I crashed twice in a row...really badly:) Im not very good in the snow.
    I agree though that if you live where theres snow, you need to make the best of it. I get so annoyed when people who live here complain day and night about the cold & snow. My thought is: if you dont like it here, you can move." I know that sounds harsh and I never say it but Im always thinking it. Just being real:)

  4. We started with our family a three years ago and have enjoyed it so much as well. It's something so fun that the whole family can eventually get into.

    We took a three day trip last year and put our youngest who was just learning (just turned 3) in daycare at both Gore and Lake Placid for half days. Then the five of us who could ski already were able to ski the big hills for that half of the day. Good thing we did our research--daycare at these hills was CRAZY expensive and we would have fainted had we not known ahead of time! It was totally worth it though--there is nothing like going to the top and skiing down together!! LOVE IT!

  5. Aw, sweet pictures! Looks like you all had so much fun! Memories to cherish. :)
    I went downhill skiing ONCE in junior high. That "point your toes together" thing they taught me for slowing down didn't work out very well. I kept whizzing past all my friends and wiping out hard! I can still hear them saying, "here she comes again ... aaaand there she goes!" LOL Thankfully, I didn't hurt myself, or anyone else, for that matter!

  6. The girls ski outfits are adorable!

  7. look at those ADORABLE outfits that your girls have on.

    oh my goodness...have a blast and keep showing us pictures!

  8. Ski trips are GREAT family vacations! Some of our best memories and family photos are from ski trips. A wonderful tradition to start.

  9. I never thought I would covet ski pants, but your two girls look ADORABLE in their little ski suits. Where in the world did you find such fun stuff?

    I'm so glad your family made such a great memory on the slopes!

  10. wow...sounds like you all have fun ski trip traditions too :)

    the girl's snow pants/jackets are from hanna andersson. i purchase them one size up and they last for two-three years. the boy's stuff is from there too. :)

  11. Hi! I am a big fan of your blog! I check in every now and again for inspiration! I was wondering if you could answer a question that I have. We are in the process of building in the near future and I can't get over your house and how fabulous it is. I love that you even have a school room too (we homeschool as well!) I was wondering where you got your house plans or if you designed it all yourself, anyway I just thought I would ask! thanks!
    email address ellis_islander@hotmail.com

  12. i'm loving the outfits!!! i haven't been in ages but we've been talking about it lately!

  13. Hi Sara,
    I found my way here through the link on 6th Street. I love your blog! You have a beautiful home and family. I was wondering if you would mind sharing where you got your Be Kind print in the mudroom. I would love to add this to our playroom. Many thanks from a new reader!

  14. We are in Mammoth, CA to ski and it is POURING snow. Loved you photos.
    Mary Ann

  15. We are a ski family and the snow is literally the "glue" that holds us all together. My son is skiing the State Race up at Whiteface! Keep skiing, your kids are lucky to learn early....I did not learn until later and love it!

  16. Your kids are SO precious! Hope the ice has melted a bit ; )


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