craft time.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

some days it just works to get the paint out and get a little messy.  

i love this shot of hank.  he is the world's funniest face maker.  hands down.  he's not even trying here :)

dancy would paint all day if i let her.

boone informed me this morning that he either wants to be:  "one, an athlete. or two, a painter".  um. okay.  i'm still pushing "a dentist". 

and really, when daddy paints with you?  that's the best.  really.


  1. Love making a mess and love the teachable moment of "How To Clean UP"!

  2. tried to leave a comment and something went wrong...I'll try again....

    LOVE these pictures that you captured....especially the one of daddy jumping in to help.

    my kids always love when daddy helps with a project!

  3. Great pics! Crafting with the kids is so much fun! Last year, in preschool, they were talking about careers and the kids drew what they wanted to be when they grew up. The teachers captioned the pics. SB wanted to be a Snowboarder. I talked to him about having a backup plan. He thought about it and said maybe he'd like to be a Spaceman(astronaut.) I like dentist as a vocational goal, too. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Crafts are the best. Making memories too!

  5. Hi, new to your site. My two love painting too, they would both paint all day if I could keep up with that:-) You have an adorable family and I love your home too. I love, love, love all the built ins. It's such a nice way to finish a home. I can't wait until we get our forever home. I see us doing lots of built ins.

  6. I love days like this. Both of my girls love to paint also, it is so much fun to sit back and see what they come up with. I love that you are sentimental about this moment in life.

    Cha Cha

  7. my 2 girls just love to paint also. they love getting out the paints and mini canvasses and painting up a storm! love your pics :) and painting with Dad would make it an extra special time too :) Kate

  8. Craft day is our favorite. And having daddy participate to boot! Lucky kids :-) I just tagged you as a stylish blogger...


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