the pantry has been cleared.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

this pantry cleanup cleared out a lot of stuff!  i found myself using the pantry as a catch-all.  in doing so, the food storage area was becoming messy and disorganized.

phone station before:

phone station after:

- threw away several outdated papers
- hid the cords to the sound system
- moved all the appliance manuals to a basket
- donated 1 vase

three drawers after:

- top drawer is aprons.  donated one.
- middle drawer is the snack basket.  emptied all the crumbs.
- bottom drawer is reusable grocery bags.  got rid of 6.  i now have 8 plus 2 thermal bags.

 pantry before:  woa nelly!

it was getting out of hand.  just setting stuff wherever when i was in a hurry.

when in doubt, shove it on the floor.

okay.  get the picture?  very 'stackish, hodgepodge, whatever mess'.

so here is what your kitchen may look like if you too decide to clean out your pantry. notice, i cleaned mine out at night. daddy played with the children before bedtime and put them to bed so i could finish once i started without too many interupptions.  i did NOT want this mess in the morning!

oh yes.  soak it all in.


- wiped down the shelves
- vacuumed the crumbs
- discarded old food.
- realized we had 3 syrups.  

as much as i would love a cutesy pantry with labeled baskets, it just isn't practical for how often we're in and out of here during the day.

food and dishes must be easily accessible.

i do keep popcorn supplies in a basket only because we eat microwave popcorn like twice a year :)


  1. What an enormous amount of work but how gratifying it must have felt whilst doing the big clean up! Good on you!

    Your kitchen is stunning by the way-I am loving that chandelier in your dining area!

    Best wishes,

  2. I think it's time for a cleaning of my own pantry. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Okay, now you're making me feel bad. My pantry is a mess AND I'm on spring break. Guess I'll need to put in some effort this week. I'm out of excuses.

  4. Wow! I bet it is such a great feeling getting all this done...I know I'm enjoying our 40 day journey. I mentioned this idea on my blog and have had such positive feedback...thanks again for sharing!

  5. Your messy, looks like my clean!

  6. What a great pantry you have! So much room to organize. Looks great.

  7. It looks wonderful! The organization is great. I love your pantry! There is nothing like a nice walk in pantry...I miss the one our old house had.

  8. Looks FAB - makes me want to go clean! Didn't you just feel great when you got it finished?!

  9. Much Better! Your kitchen looks bigger than my whole house, lol!

    Sue @ Beach Bungalow

  10. You were super busy! Love the size of your pantry.

  11. We are alike. I don't have a ton of extra food in my pantry. Just a "normal" amount. (It would be very rare for me to have three syrups.) I stopped at a friends to pick up our daughter last week and went through their basement door. She had 50 boxes of cereal sitting on a shelf. That is just not me, even though I have the room. I guess I don't think that way. If something is on sale I'll buy two, but my theory is, it will always go on sale again!

    Love your pantry. There sure is a lot of extra space in there becasue of your high ceilings!

  12. That's just about the tidiest "before" I've ever seen. Terrific after, too, but you'd have to avert your eyes in horror if I ever posted pics of my pantry. Thanks for sharing.

  13. I love the feeling of having a clean pantry...makes life alot easier! Wish my pantry was that big!

  14. Way to go! Looks great!

    I love that you have all those shelves for your cake pans! I stack mine inside of each other and it's a pain to get one out that I need! Love that those shelves where build just the right size for cake pans and casserole pans! AWESOME!

    ~ ALi

  15. Way to go! I know what you mean about having everything labeled perfectly. I would do all that work and it would be destroyed in a day because of how much we use our pantry. (7 kids) Love your blog!

  16. I am up to 15 bags and couple boxes for clean out, worked on the pantry as well. Looks great.

  17. A job well done I'd say. Doesn't it just feel so good to get a project like that done? Kudos to you!

  18. love what you've done in your looks fantastic!~

  19. I love the pantry - before and after. I have pantry envy!

  20. Sarah,
    Do you have food storage space elsewhere. I can'
    t get over how littel food you have int here with 5 children. We have 5 (sixth due soon) and I keep a lot of food in mine. I don't like going to the store, much.

    Did you ever post finished photos of your boy bunk room. Would love to see that, asI now have one, too.


  21. My dream pantry!! Love all the spots for dishes!


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