friday favorites

Friday, April 1, 2011

 1. tressemme extra hold hairspray. 

 i have been using this exact hairspray for about 5 years now.  i buy mine at target or meijer.  

2.  tressemme fresh start dry shampoo. 

 i am still on my first can of this product  but it is awesome!  basically, on a day my hair feels oily at the roots i just spray this along the root line and it brings my hair back to its starting point.  its such a strange product.  i'm pretty sure the can will last a while because i only use it once a week.  definitely worth a few dollars to have this stuff on hand!

3.  tressemme no frizz shine spray.

i spritz this on a bit while i'm styling my hair and after.  its light weight and i really like that its a smoothing product in spray form.

well, this ended up being a tressemme commercial.  believe me, they don't even know i exist.  i just really like these products!  and they are reasonably priced.  i tend to spend more on shampoo and conditioner so i like to keep the cost of my hairspray and finishers down.

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  1. Now I can't get that Tressemme song off my mind!!! :)

  2. Thank you for the Tresseme
    love ~ I am going to go get
    some today :)


  3. we don't have t.v. so i don't know what it is.....must be catchy! :) sorry :) :)

  4. I just tried the Suave Dry Shampoo...with 4 kids in this house as well, I've been loving being able to skip the extra step some mornings too!

  5. I've been wondering if that Tresseme dry shampoo stuff works, sometimes I don't get to shower until the night when the kids are asleep and throughout the day my hair feels oily. I will have to buy it and try it out myself!

  6. I have to get the dry shampoo in the States but it is so worth it for our oldest daughter who has hair that looks horrible if she doesn't wash it every day. Which is not so popular for her--Tresemme saves her day!

  7. I love their products too!!! What a sweet birthday party...cherish~

  8. I love that hairspray too! I didn't know about the refresh spray..Im getting that next time I'm out. I have to wash EVERY day or I am a grease ball!

  9. Just started using their hairspray and I love it! I've been using the dry shampoo for about a year and it's fab too!

  10. I went to the store today and bought all of your suggestions. Your timing was perfect. I just ran out of hairspray this morning. I'm intrigued by the dry shampoo. Thanks!

  11. I use the dry shampoo also. Especially for my eight o' clock classes. It's amazing!

  12. Cool - I didn't know Tresseme had dry shampoo - I may have to try that!

    I stumbled across your blog while searching for nursery mobiles, and your little guy's nursery mobile popped up. Super cute, and I've enjoyed perusing your blog! :)


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