hank's first tennis lesson

Thursday, April 21, 2011

today was hank's first tennis lesson.  his first actual 'anything' really....  he has never had a lesson or class of any sort so he was super excited!  he is four.

7am he was dressed and ready to go.  his class was at 10:30am. :)

he listened to every word the coach said.  do you like his wristband?  love this little guy!

seriously.  not bad.  pretty sweet forehand son.

me in the car on the way to tennis:  "hank what do you think you will do at tennis class today?"
hank:  "push ups"

in class he asked the coach when they would do push ups.  coach said: "pshh..right now buddy."  they all dropped and did five :)

me in the car on the way home from tennis:  "hank, what was your favorite part of tennis class?"
hank:  "push ups"


  1. wow, your little 4 yr old has some serious tennis talent going on there!!
    great pics and loved the before and after lesson conversation!! Kate x

  2. Hahahaha...love his enthusiasm. Tennis isnt a big sport here but I think itd be fun for the girls to look into.
    Have a blessed Easter weekend!

  3. PRECIOUS!!! And yes...he has GREAT form!! I love that he was dressed and ready to go at 7:30...LOL!!!

  4. He is so hilarious! And adorable.


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