training for a half marathon. after 5 kids.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

its true.  on may 8, 2011 i will be running in my first 1/2 marathon.

i am up to eleven miles.

i am in physical therapy for my knee.

i soaked in the tub, drank a recovery drink and iced my knee for 45 minutes after my run this morning.

when i started training in january (in the snow) i begged to stop after 2 miles.

did you know there are supplements with caffeine runners use?  i think i took too many this  morning as i was sprinting my last mile.  ha!  whatever it takes.

i have lost zero weight.  say WHAT?  its true.

i'll keep you updated!


also, alaina over at recycled interiors posted a really nice interview with me!  head on over and say hi.


  1. yay you!
    i ran the seaside vera bradley half last month....first one since having 4 kiddos!
    loved training for it and hope to keep it up.
    good luck!!

  2. Good luck! Keep up the good training. I always GAIN weight when I train. So at least you are a head of me. I am running a half on May 15th.

  3. I've been training with the couch25k and just that is killing me! How are you training? And I agree - what's up with not losing weight?? I go out at night after the kids are in bed and run my rear off for 30 minutes and if anything my weight goes up. =/

  4. WOW! That's so awesome! = ) You give me hope. Good luck with the half marathon!

    Also, as for the lack of weight loss- you could have gained muscle to replace fat. When I used to be a student athlete and I worked out 6 days a week, I weighed 13 lbs more than I do when I don't work out!

  5. Yeah for you!!! I've got a half on my list ... I'm pulling for ya!! (and praying your knee holds up!)
    Way to go! Your kids are rooting for you, I'm sure:).

  6. I love your blog..and I love it even more know that I know you are a runner. I did my first 10K this morning..trained for 8 weeks and did not lose a pound...go figure. Good Luck...

  7. I think that's so great! I've been running consistently for 4 years and haven't lost much weight.... I've actually gained a few pounds..... go figure. Enjoy your half.... you're gonna love it! Yea!!!!

  8. way to go. i was training for a 1/2 marathon (scheduled in march). i had to pass on it. i was a bit bummed but offered it up. it was for a good cause.
    i've taken a 2 week hiatus and plan to get back to training.
    i feel much better when i'm running but discouraged. like you, i haven't been losing the weight. i'm losing inches but i want more.
    by the way, i have 5 kids, too.
    prayers for perseverance.
    pax Christi - lena

  9. But did your Tresemme hold up to the sweat? ;-)

    Good for you! I am not a runner, but have running kiddos and a running DH. My most intense runner is having trouble with her knees and has been advised to find a new sport. At 19, she's completely bummed about that and her whole life seems thrown off kilter by the inability to do her long runs. I hope your PT really helps, and we're still hoping to find a resolution for DD.

    At this point in my life, after 8 kids, I wish I was a runner, since it's much easier/cheaper to find a place to run than do my sports, which were softball and racquetball. Best wishes!

  10. Good for you! I'm always envious of those who run, keep up the great work!

  11. Good for you! Ive always wanted to be a runner(since hubby is a track coach and all & he loves to run) but I have concluded its just not my thing. Oh and I hate to sweat. How terrible is that?:)
    I loved your interview on the other blog. Just last week I blogged about my own perceptions of homeschoolers...before I became one myself this past year:) Your words could've been written by me. I felt the same way initially.Great interview!

  12. It takes a lot of courage to do the training and set that day! Awesome for you for having that courage and set this example for your children. I ran my first half on Kiawah Island, SC this past December! What an incredible experience! I hope that your children will all be able to be there to see your cross the finish line. Btw, don't feel bad...I trained for 16 weeks and didn't lose a single pound either. It was good for the heart and soul though. :) Can't wait to read more. Keep us posted...

  13. Good luck with the'll do great. Since I'm new to your blog I enjoyed reading that interview. My husband adores water fountains so I had to call him right away to tell him you put on in your home.

  14. You go girl!!! Good luck! I am sure you will rock it =)

  15. Sara Sara Sara...I trained for and did my first half marathon in November...and lost ZERO weight!!! ugh!!!! I tell ya - that part was a bummer but doing the half was so awesome. and I didn't wreck my knee until during the half. Then I healed, ran a Ragnar relay (200 miles, 12 team members) and wrecked the other knee. Oh brother. So I know what is happening though - both times I was running on a canted (slanted down) surface. In the half it sloped down to the right and my left knee took a beating. During the ragnar, my longest leg was 9 miles and the road, running against traffic, it sloped down to the left pretty severely, and my right knee got pounded. My legs 2 and 3 (each about 4-5 miles) were on fire pain. Oh, it was bad. But I would do it again in a heartbeat. I have just taken a month off and I am about to get started again. I need to or I am afraid I will be running only 2 miles again.

    So my sister is now introduced in the most recent TomKat post! And she was super excited to see the stuff I forwarded to her. I sent you an email last week. Anyway, I would love to "chat" more if we could. About our daughters that seem so alike. :-)

  16. Good for you! My hubs is training for his first half marathon, too. His is May 1 and after doing 10 last weekend I'm pretty sure he's ready for race day (to bs over with). Can't wait to hear how it goes.

  17. Good for you! I have 3 marathons, 3 Ragnar Relays, and a few half marathons and random 5ks under my belt. Running is addictive; I never lose weight either; I am currently not running and hoping to avoid drastic measures to fix my back...and soon I will be running again! Yoga helps sooooo much with any soreness.


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