weekend furniture painting and questions

Friday, April 8, 2011

tomorrow the forecast is sunny and 70!!  what??  this little lovely will be going outside for a little painting pick me up.  and that pick me up will be as much for me as it is for this dresser.  go away rain!

this dresser is in our music room and will be painted a very pretty yellow.  benjamin moore's vellum.

here is a swatch of it.   i'm really looking forward to this transformation!

now, i have two questions.

1.  this tea table is on the other side of the room.  i'm pretty sure i'm going to keep it in it's natural state but rub it well with mineral oil.  would you paint it or leave it?

2.  i have been looking for a rug in this room for a long time....please help me!  the couch is a true charcoal gray.  the walls are  benjamin moore gray cashmere. the motif on the drapes is more teal than turquoise.  the rug needs to be an 8x10.  i can't wait to see what you all suggest!


  1. Where did you get your curtains? Please email me!
    Jennifer B.

    jenniferlynnebeard (at) gmail (dot) com

  2. I'm in the same boat! Renovating, choosing paint colors, etc. :)

    So many options for that tea table!! I'd be SOOO tempted to paint it!!

    1) Paint just the top and shelf and leave the rest?
    2.) Paint the entire piece, but leave the top natural?
    3.) Paint it all except the top & wheels?
    4.) A very warm cream/sand/ivory tone might work nicely on it, especially if the wheels were left natural.
    But I do recall there is a chair in the room (by the curtains?) that has painted white legs? So maybe cream isn't good?

    Oh I don't know -- sooo hard!! :)

  3. @jennifer, i emailed you :)

    @beautiful life, i'm cracking up....thanks for the suggestions though! so many choices....

  4. http://www.homedecorators.com/P/Greco_Area_Rug/530/

    I want this rug for myself, but I'm afraid of the cost to ship it to Alaska. They have others I would suggest too, but this is the first that came to mind.

  5. Our old kitchen was painted dijon, which I believe is on the same card as vellum. I love that colour!!

  6. I just finished painting 2 accent tables myself! Stop by and check them out!

    As for the rug, how about a lattice design in teal and white?

    Can't wait to see what you do!

    Sue @ Beach Bungalow

  7. Oh I wouldn't be able to not paint it. I just love how clean and fresh something looks with a new paint job! Also, I saw a dresser the other day painted in pale yellow are white vertical stripes! Loved it!!

  8. @sue - yes! actually a teal and white lattice is what i'm on the hunt for.....can anyone find one? :)

    @julie - stripes. that sounds so cute!

  9. I usually vote for paint, but I think the wood on the tea cart is very charming. It may just be the "ground" you need in the room.

  10. Oooooh, will you email me the curtain link too?! A friend of mine suggested your blog to me and I am loving all the decorating inspiration! :)

    As for the tea table, I say go for it. Paint away! Keep in mind, I have been going a bit paint crazy these days and nothing brown is safe in my home. My poor husband. LOL!

  11. I enjoy reading your blog each week. Your house is amazing! What do you think of this Pottery Barn rug called the "Kate Rug". http://www.potterybarn.com/products/kate-rug/?pkey=crugs-blue-green

  12. How about this rug from RugSmart called Chateau 3612 Chocolate Courtney http://www.rugsmart.com/themes/blue-rug-chateau-3612-chocolate-wedgewood-courtney.php

  13. I would paint the tray cart, but I am terrible w/ colors. Your dresser is beautiful tho, I have the matching buffet and hutch; I love the handles. I thought about painting them, but I just can't; I am afraid if I paint them, later on I will have a change of heart.

    I can't wait to see it when it's done.


  14. Love the yellow for the dresser, it will be stunning. I love the idea of leaving the cart just like it is natural. Can't wait to see it all done. Hugs, Marty

  15. rug...anything on the Dwell Studio's website!!

  16. First off, my office is done in grey cashmere and I have accents of teal in my pillows. Love the combo. I have a vellum looking table as a coffee table and raw wood desk. You may want to strip the tea cart and leave it more raw if you like that sort of thing. Can't wait to see the other piece in vellum.

    For the rug, a wool tufted might really work, maybe a tone on tone dash and albert wool hooked? Pricey but wool and kids last a long time. I have four kids myself and have been pleased. I also have carpet tiles for a modern pop.

  17. i knew you guys would pull through! thank you so much for all the links and suggestions :) seriously so nice to have suggestions versus my redundant ponderings.....

    also, the curtains are a duralee fabric. i will be posting more on this room soon, hopefully :)

  18. Don't be scared to paint the tea cart. :)
    Here's the before/after of my tea cart and I love the results!

  19. I love the color you chose for the dressers. They will look gorgeous! The color reminds me of our walls--yellowish/gold. Good choice! I would leave the tea cart natural. If I were to paint/stain it I would do it in a color close to its natural state like the one shown in New Every AM's comment.
    Also, I have gotten a couple of rugs from rugsdirect.com
    good luck-can't wait to see the transformation!

  20. I like this rug:
    I say paint the tea cart white.
    Can't wait to see the dresser.

  21. Homedecorators.com has an abundance of rugs, often offer free shipping and will send you a catalog if you request it. They have some really beautiful designs and colors. Good luck!

  22. I love this rug for your room http://www.domesticmodern.com/Multi-Colored-Floral-Rug-By-Amy-Butler.aspx but the price is not so pretty :(

  23. Ikea just lists "blue" and it's hard to tell online...but it might be close to your teal and white lattice. http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/30206778

  24. http://www.westelm.com/products/andalusia-rug-r653/?pkey=crugs-flooring

  25. I would leave the lil cart stained as well :) Can't wait to see what you come up with.

  26. Beautiful room - can't wait to see more!

    This one is pricey, but I love the fact that you get texture without making the room feel really busy with a duel color pattern, and there are a couple of beautiful shades that would work well in your room:: http://www.shadesoflight.com/concentric-solid-rug-8-colors.html

    This continues to play on the pattern theme going in the curtains and chair. The color palette my not be exact, but I like that it is gray and blue not brown and blue.

  27. thank you so much for all the amazing rug suggestions...you guys are great!

    @tinystitches - that rug from shades of light is the one i recently purchased for our sun room. :) :) i love it!

  28. I would love to know where you got your curtains also!


  29. you should check out the rugs at west elm! they have amazing rugs.
    i am also obsessed with the idea of painting that dresser yellow. it will look amazing with the wall color and curtains.
    i am loving your blog..new follower:)


  30. I agree with Pine Tree Home. Leave the tea cart unpainted.

  31. Can I get the pattern number for that fabric? It's Beautiful.



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