how to build a 4 x 12 raised garden bed. plus garden pictures.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

here is a tutorial for the 4'x12' raised garden beds that are in our garden.  we used pressure treated pine.

for each raised bed we used:
2ea.  12in. x 12ft. boards
2ea.  12in. x 4ft. boards
4ea.  4in. x 4in. x12in. posts

muscles :)

these were super easy.  basically, line your 4x4 posts up with one board and drill.

enlist some helpers to speed things along.....

line up another side and drill into your 4x4 post.  i told you it was simple!

this is one finished raised bed.  we lined each one with landscape grade bed liner from lowes.

then brought in the dirt.  we used a mix of soil and mixed soil.  i threw some fertilizer in there too and raked it in.  it started pouring rain while my husband and i were filling/raking the last 4 beds.  i was a wet and muddy mess!

here is a close up of the gates before we added the mesh fencing and trim pieces.  

here you can see the mesh fencing that we (my dad and husband) stapled up.  my dad added trim pieces as an added layer on top of the mesh for a more finished look.

this picture gives a good overall view of the garden and the layout of the raised beds.  i've already started adding pots of flowers and the "crops" are growing!  i'm usually out there with the kiddos in the late afternoon....watering, weeding, and just adding little touches.  

little dubs found the water again :)  isn't he a love?


  1. That's the exact comment I was going to add.

    Pressure treated wood is BAD for food gardens.

    Your health is worth more than the replacement cost.

    Absolutely beautiful garden, though. Great work!

  2. thank you for your first comment got deleted (sorry!) but it eluded the same thing...that pressure treated wood is bad.

    arsenics in pretreated wood have been banned in the last 5 years...yay! it would have cost us 6x as much (or more ) to use cedar.

    here is a good article regarding this issue. :)

  3. If I could make things grow, and I had land this is what I would copy and build!

    Love your blog, I have been silently reading for quite awhile now! ;)

  4. Your garden sure looks beautiful! Can't wait to see your crops! We had to put up a huge garden fence last year because of the deer and critters around. We put up a mesh fence with ours, but the bunnies chewed right through it in a matter of days. We have added a small height metal mesh around the bottom to help with that. Now, if we can just keep the deer from trying to jump over the top. They boys and I are going out this evening, after softball, to plant some more crops. Have a wonderful day!

  5. Looks like so much work... and FUN!!!

    Just think, in a couple of months you will be up to your 'ears' in fresh produce!!

  6. What a beautiful garden!! Congratulations ;)

  7. I am so beyond impressed. seriously.

  8. I just cried a little!!! I had just asked hubs this evening about building raised beds and I actually had this exact thing in my head but its so nice to see that it works and also that fence is just knock out!!! We have goats and chickens so.... Im off to explore the rest of the blog so glad i found your gorgeous pics on pinterest!!

  9. Nice work! I do Raised Beds here in Tucson if any one is looking for this type of Garden.

    Please visit my web site


  10. I know it varies with what plants you are putting in them but...approximately, how many plants do you put in each bed?


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