the raised bed garden. close to completion.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

we're so close to being done!  

this garden has truly been a family project.  from cutting the wood, to filling the beds with dirt, to planting the seeds.

tomorrow we will be installing the fencing that will prevent the little critters from getting in.

when we first looked into a design that would emulate my inspiration picture, we realized it would take forever to build! the 8 foot fence height was mandatory.  i loved the dramatic feel of it AND it is high enough to deter the deer.

my dad came up with this design that was a bit more simple yet still very aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

you can see the beginning of the process here.

this little guy would find water in a desert!  he always finds the puddles....

and as you can see here deanie was having quite the time in front of the camera while my dad and husband were hard at work!

these kids are hard workers!

my favorite part of this whole project is that my children are making memories with their opa.  i know they will always remember opa building the garden.

it's all coming together!

i'm so happy with the way the gates turned out.  we put two swinging gates in the front end of the garden and two in the back.  for safety reasons.

we have twelve 4x12' raised beds.  i will do a more detailed post on that very easy process.

and that's it for now.  tomorrow it will be done.  well the "structure" of it will be done.  i will forever be working on the interior grass, adding flowers and making it look lovely.


  1. Sarah it looks AMAZING! I can only imagine what it'll look like filled in. Whew! So awesome.


  2. Whoops, Sara! Sorry, now I can't go back and delete it. :)

  3. Truly stunning, and I love that your kids are so involved and that they have such special time with their grandpa. That is so nice and they look like they are having so much fun!

  4. Amazing! Love how it will look and the memories that are being made are priceless. xx

  5. It looks fabulous! Can't wait to see what you plant!

  6. WOWZERS ! That looks just amazing !!!!!! I'm looking forward to seeing it "grow" all summer !

    thanks for sharing !


  7. wow, that is one big garden! looks great!

  8. Ok I admit it... I covet your garden! We will never have enough space in our city yard for a garden that would actually feed our family. But we always love to wash the tomatoes, lettuce, peppers and cucumbers we do grow! It's a great lesson for your lovely kids to build, plant, weed and maintain a garden that will also nourish them!
    Nicely done!

  9. It looks amazing! It will be beautiful all filled up!

  10. gorgeous. I wish I had enough property to do something so magnificent. I am loving seeing all of your projects!!!!

  11. Wow - impressive. You know how to implement your plans. Looking forward to seeing your green garden.

    I had an Opa too. They're the best (love for their family, hardworking with a little bit of stubborn).

  12. sarah! it looks amazing! i'd love to have that garden. i've had your inspiration picture tucked away for a while for future use and love your take.

  13. Wow, that is one amazing and beautifully designed raised bed garden! I have one tiny raised bed that is 3x6 and I love having it! So fun that you are doing this as a family project! I love it! Can't wait to see what you end up growing!

    ~ Ali

  14. I can't imagine how beautiful it will look when it's all grown!

  15. You do not mess around. That is going to be one BIG fabulous raised garden! Look forward to pictures of your bounty! :)

  16. I just love this garden!!! So much fun you and the kids will have.


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