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Sunday, July 10, 2011

***i'm closing the comments so i can work on the answers!  you guys rock!  so many questions :) :)  
i should write a book!***

you ask the questions and i'll post the answers!

post your questions in the comments over the next couple of days.  i'll compile them up and answer them next week.


our summer is flying by!  this july heat means sprinklers, kiddie pools and water balloons pretty much all day every day.


the garden is amazing and the plants are huge!  everything is ready to burst.  the tomatoes are almost ripe, the peppers are popping, the corn is flying high, and the zucchini plants are enormous.  i can't wait to start whipping up some fresh salsa.

this little video shows a typical happening at about 10:00pm, one of the children will come downstairs out of bed.  they have an important question, need a drink, or just need to bust out into dance.  (hank had daddy's birthday card up in bed with him.  it was a musical card that played 'celebration' when you open it) apparently this little dance routine was important enough to justify getting out of bed.  seriously.  it doesn't get much better than this people.



  1. Oh my goodness too cute! Brought a huge smile to my face...so thank-you for sharing!

  2. I would love to know what curriculum you use and what your typical homeschool day looks like!!!! PLEASE :)

  3. He can boogie! Love that you guys get late night visitors too! Our kids do the same thing! :)

    ~ Ali

  4. What a cutie!! I would love to see some more pictures of the garden & I am still hoping for a video tour of your amazing house!

  5. Lol...he must get his moves from his mama! I would also love to see a virtual tour of your house! Have a great day:)

  6. love your home!!! i would LOVE to see more pictures and a floor plan of your beautiful home. thanks!!!

  7. I would LOVE to see your house's floor plan! Your house is truly amazing!!

  8. Would also like to know about your school day, but also was curious if your girls bunk room has the same beds as the boys or did you do something different?

  9. Found your blog a couple of weeks ago and I'm addicted! I love your beautiful home and your family is beyond precious:-)Would love to see your floorplan! We will build custom in the near future and would love to see your layout as we have a big family also:-) Also, how many sq. ft. did you build?

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  11. How do you handle meal plans and grocery shopping!?!

    Do you take all the kids when you go shopping for you?

    How do you shop for your kids? What stores do you love? Do you take them to the store so you know it fits? Or order online?

    Any laundry tricks?

    Do you have help with cleaning and cooking, etc?

    Do you have a nanny?

    Wondered how you get so much done with lots of young kids?

    Does your husband help clean?

    How do manage the garden and decorating, crafting, reading to the kids, laundry, etc!

    I only have 3 kids but, I'm overwhelmed with running the home, sick kids, laundry, meals, etc!

    ~ Ali

  12. Yeah Q&A!
    1)What was your journey in deciding to homeschool your children?
    2)Have you dealt with any criticism regarding homeschooling? How do you deal with it?
    3)What are important components that you considered when putting together your homeschooling room?
    4)What did you wish you knew your first year of homeschooling?
    Thanks for allowing for this opportunity! You have a wonderful family and a beautiful home!

  13. What room (other than the kitchen) do you live in the most?

    I'd love to know about your houseplan too. Not too specific, just a general idea of what has really worked well for your family (i.e. laundry room/ mud room location)
    Can you tell us the color of paint in your family room and the bonus room? Exterior?

    Thanks for creating a blog that I always look forward to reading! {{hugs}}

  14. I would also love a virtual tour of your house. A floor plan would be great, but I understand if that's TMI for the Internet. :) also, I would love to know some of your favorite stores/resources for home decor. I love your style! Did you design your house plan yourself, or did you use a pre existing plan and modify it? I love all things houses, we just built and finished our "forever house", so I would love more house details. Also, how do you meal plan for your family? Thanks so much!

  15. I would love to know your favorite thrift stores.

  16. I would love to know your favorite thrift shops. You find such great things.

  17. I love your blog. Thank you for sharing with us.

    What are your go to meal recipes?

    Favorite books? cookbooks?

    Any household cleaning/organizing tips? Do you have a cleaning schedule?

    Is there anything about your house that you would change? How many sq ft is your home?

  18. I love Q&A!!!

    1) Where do you shop for your kids' clothes?

    2) Do you plan to homeschool your kids during their high school years?

    3) With a large family like yours, how do you find some time for yourselves?

    Love your blog and your beautiful house!

  19. LOVE the boogie - priceless!!

    My question: How do you do your meal planning and shopping? What is your favorite recipe??

  20. Your house is so amazing! What advice do you have for someone who is building their dream home?

  21. Oh- and one more questions:-) What kind of activities do your kids do during the day to stay busy? I would LOVE to live in the country on some land one day, but I'm afraid my kids will be bored. They ride bikes and play with their neigborhood friends everyday!

  22. Great idea! I am in the process of painting my cabinets BM fieldstone. While I LOVE how you painted your walls Vapor Trails, I feel it would darken my space too much! I'm thinking of using a light beigey/white color. Any suggestions? I've thought BM Bone White, BM Elmira White, BM Muslin? Anything off the top of your head since you know the color so well? Best wishes!

  23. What are your favorite places to find decorating inspiration? Favorite blogs?
    Favorite resources?
    Where do you shop?
    How long did it take start to finish to build your house?
    What size is your lot?
    How do you keep your bills/records, etc organized?
    What is inside your refrigerater right now?

  24. Did you always know you would homeschool? You seem to have a great philosophy on homelife - can you share a little about that?

  25. After having lived in your home, is there anything you'd have done differently whether it is big or small...maybe something you wish you had done or something like..."Hmm should have made the kitchen here for morning light..."???

    Your home and family are beautiful. I'm thinking your son has watched some family dance parties to pick up those moves!!! Too cute.

  26. You have been blessed with the desire and opportunity to homeschool as well as stay home with your children. Your family, your home and your blog very obviously fill your day as well as your heart! While you work inside the home, does Mr. Daddy work outside of the home?
    I am also a stay at home mom and feel very blessed for the gift and opportunity to be at home raising our family. I will admit, that there is at times a bit of guilt that goes along with not financially contributing to our family. Do you ever feel this way?

  27. Do you ever regret building a large house? Does it feel overwhelming to keep up with it? I'd love to see more pictures of your landscaping. I agree with other comments that a video tour would be awesome.

  28. I just adore your house, its beautiful. Would you be willing to go into specifics about the decision process you went through when choosing the design & layout of the house? What was most important to you? Did you compromise on anything? Where did you find the floorplan? Paint Colors? Materials? Cost savings tips? So excited to hear your respondence to ALL THE GREAT QUESTIONS that have been asked!

  29. How is the garden? Anymore pics?

  30. What a sweetie pie!
    I am decorating our new home office and would really appreciate the info. as to where you got your white and grey fabric from and what you went with for a carpet...any ideas? Also, if you remember where you purchased your bread box from that would be great...I have checked around but have not found any myself. Anyway, thanks for your great blog!

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