guns and butter. butter and guns.

Monday, August 22, 2011

i heard that term "guns and butter" so many times in my college econ classes.....seriously.  
couldn't the same curve be shown using "lipgloss and chocolate"??  ....i digress........

the other night i asked my husband if he would run to the store for some butter and milk.  
he took boone with him.  
this is what they came home with.  
an airsoft gun (it shoots plastic bb's).  and of course butter.

i mean gander mountain IS right across from the grocery store.
this little guy was pumped.

the other kiddos were all smooshed to the windows.
wishing they could be outside during the training session.

of course it was hank who paved the way.
snuck right out with this cheeky grin.

daddy gave this $12.00 bad boy its trial run.

oh yeah.
time for boone to shoot.

he has a pretty dang good shot.

i kid you not.
THIS was his expression after he shot.
he is so excited to have a gun. (only to be used with daddy)
boone also saved enough for a bow and arrow set from vision forum.
its on its way in the mail.
let the boys be boys!  they love it!

and here is his fan club.
each one sneaking down but having to stay on the towel.
i do NOT need anyone shooting an eye out.
let the fun begin :)
makes me wonder what they'll come home with next time we're running low on butter?


  1. your kids are seriously the cutest things in the world! love your blog. wish you had time to post more often, but i understand :)

  2. Ah, just you wait until the kids are shooting each other! ;) I grew up with 3 brothers, so it was inevitable!

  3. That is awesome. When I think butter, I always think possible tool of destruction. They were probably thought up by the same guy.

    Love the look on his face, post shot!

  4. My boys LOVE their airsoft guns!! A little less dangerous than a bb gun. (Although we did lose a light off the back porch because one of the boys guns "accidentally" went off. :)

    Boys will be boys!

  5. That is something my husband would do. I send him to Target for one small thing, and he comes back with bags of fun things for the kids :) Love the photo of the other kids on the blanket. They look so truly happy.

  6. so cute! we've been doing the targets on the trees w/airsoft guns here too.

  7. I love it when boys are allowed to be boys! Good on you, mom! ;}

    m ^..^

  8. SO cute! Love the fun your family shares.

    (And you truly CAN shoot your eye out! My 13 year old was with friends from the neighborhood, and when one tried to shoot a spider in our driveway, the pellet ricocheted off the pellet and shot her in the mouth, breaking her front tooth! Of course we all made endless fun of our "hillbilly" until the next day when she went to the dentist!)

  9. Guns and butter - you should TOTALLY visit her!


  10. Haha! Truly, boys will be boys, and they love their toys! But it's a great thing that your hubby bought him a gun. There are other dads who will not allow their kids to try guns, even if it's their passion. People have to understand that, for a person to respect a firearm or a weapon, you have to let him or her handle one first with supervision, of course.



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