how i use pinterest.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

the pinterest craze is here to stay in my book.  from a marketing brain i think its genius.  from a consumer brain i think its genius.  and from one diy decorator to another.....genius!

this is an example of how i use pinterest.  one day i wanted to change up my mantle.  so i went to pinterest and put "simple mantle" in the search box.

here is my mantle before the mini makeover

here is my mantle AFTER the mini makeover

and here  (below) is the inspiration picture i used from pinterest.  

elements i replicated:  two jars on the left.  two candles on the right.  small vase of flowers.  and instead of the airy coral piece (which i didn't have laying around the house) i layered a small mirror

i also found this super cute idea of tees in a jar awhile back and pinned it.  here is that idea come to fruition.


  1. I like your mantle WAY better than the inspiration one! Nice job!

  2. self proclaimed Pinterest addict. I must say. They totally need to add a feature that alerts you: "you have already Pinned this image. Do you want to repin it?"

    - {darlene}
    fieldstone hill design

  3. Girl...I agree with's GENIUS and I'm addicted! :-) Happy Pinning!

  4. Love pinterest! And your mantle looks great too:)

  5. I have to agree with you! LOVE Pinterest!

  6. It's such an addicting site! I love it, too :) Right now it's helping me mentally plan for my new place.

    I just clicked to follow your boards as well!

  7. I've looked Pinterest a few times before, but haven't used it to its fullest potential. Your mantel looks so pretty.... Thanks for the tip!

  8. Beautiful! I actually like how your mantle display turned out better than the inspiration one. :)
    Thanks for your response email and homeschool support and tips. I really appreciate it. :)

  9. Pinterest is ingenious, as are you!

  10. I love your ideas for your mantel and both mantels arefabulous! This is such a great post!

    Where would we be without Pinterest!!

    Best wishes,
    Natasha @ 5 Minutes Just for Me

  11. pinterest has been added to my collection of addictions, too.


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