summertime roundup

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

the three big kids recently played piano at a local coffee house.
their teacher wants them to experience playing outside the home besides the recitals.

they loved it.

i did a lot of canning this summer!  my first time ever.

now i'm done.

well....this zucchini relish is awesome so i will actually be making up
another batch with my frozen zucchini.

did i mention we had zucchini coming out of our ears?  my goodness....i had
no idea that one raised bed would yield so much!

dubs got his first haircut by a professional.

i really want this buffet for our downstairs bathroom.

it's at the local consignment shop.  well it was anyways....i took this picture with my phone
awhile ago...shoot.  i better go check out the situation.  isn't it amazing?

i found this (old) picture on my phone reminded me that we have added
quite a few fun touches to the house.  1, 2, 3.......


  1. You've been busy! That picture of the haircut is priceless.

    I had to stop and say I have a kinda similar buffet in my bathroom. I cut a hole and dropped a sink it in an I love it! Have a great Wednesday. Lisa~

  2. Want to share the zucchini relish recipe??

  3. their coffee house gig is too cool!!
    i can only imagine how awesome your garden has been for ya'll.
    i have 4 herbs & i act like i'm all green acres!

  4. Looks like you have been having a great summer. I admire your canning - I made jam years ago and it was so delicious - I should try again. Have a great holiday weekend!

  5. I've been canning my own salsa for years and borrowed a pressure canner instead of using my hot water bath or steamer to can it this summer and it was SOOOOOO much faster because I could can 18 pints all at once! I tried canning chicken using a pressure canner for the first time this summer as well and it was so easy. With baby #4 on the way I'm feeling more prepared since I have jars and jars of salsa and chicken on my shelves. :) I've heard the All American is a good brand to buy.

  6. your kids look like clothing models in their coffee house, piano playing outfits...adorable.

  7. Canning is on my list of "I want to learn..." Tell me it wasn't hard. Please. :)
    Love the stairs idea! Where'd you find your numbers?

  8. what a great round-up ~ looks like a very happy summer indeed!!


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