adding a little gold.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

i am really appreciating the "mixing metals" trend in decor that is taking hold.

no need to do just silver or just gold or just black.  mix it up!

i found this table at a local consignment shop this past summer... okay, look past
the gorgeous faux ivy and look at the shape of that topper!  and twisted wood legs?  yes please.

sans children, i folded the seats down and piled that baby into the back of my car.

along with a couple of other goodies.

hello gorgeous.  this was such an easy and inexpensive solution.  i spray painted the legs a gray
color that i found at lowes (so sorry i don't remember the exact color).

i first sprayed a gray primer.  then two coats of the gray.

gray and gold?  yup.  it can work.


  1. Just letting you know I think your blog is great and I've given you an award that was given to me. No pressure, just letting you know. If you want to participate check my blog at and if not, totally cool. I still like your blog :) Not spam, not a cult and not a plea for money or more readership. Just some kudos from me to you.

  2. Beautiful job, Sara!! the table top is gorgeous!!!

  3. What a great find! And, I love the gray with the gold...unexpected but looks fantastic.

  4. I've come from Susies! What a delightful blog. Grey is my favorite color. Browsed a few posts and just knew I wanted to follow! :)

  5. Oh, my. I just LOVE your house. Pretty much all of it. We have recently moved into a new-to-us house - my in-laws downsized to an apartment, and we are purchasing their 6-bedroom, 100+ acre farm...this after a 3-bedroom, 1 acre property, with six kids. It's wonderful. But dated, and I'm trying to figure out what I want. I LOVE white, and especially white furniture, but how does it hold up to kids? Please tell me it's doable! Anyway, totally enjoy your blog, and have some inspiration for our schoolroom, to be built.

  6. oh wow! i love that! so beautiful and glamorous!

  7. Absolutely wonderful! What an eye you have for possibilities! Happy rest of the week!

  8. That table is seriously adorable!!!! It's so unique. You really have an eye for great pieces :)

  9. Nice job Sara! You have great taste

  10. The table looks great!
    Love your blog and looking forward to catching up with you!

  11. This looks so gorgeous! I love the finished effect. I would love it if you could link up with my weekend party. I host it every Friday-Sunday at Redoux. Thanks for sharing! (visiting from MMS)

  12. We're building our dream house right now....which means I am ever blog surfing for design ideas. I know your chairs are Ikea ektorp, but when I just went to IKEA to check them out they seemed SO very bright white. Although I don't think they look that way in rooms I see them in.

    Are yours the bleking bright white, or are they the other more creamy slipcovers that IKEA also sales?

    How often (if ever) have you had to wash them?

  13. i am loving the gray and gold! Oh yes yes.

    thanks for sharing!
    I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say hi!

    come on over and visit!


  14. Ijust came across this post and thought of your transformation:


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