all you need is love. love is all you need.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

almost two years ago i spotted some wooden signs that had this saying on it.

all you need is love.  love is all you need.

the quote is from a beatles song but i saw this through different lenses:

1 John 4:8  
Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love.

all i need is GOD.  GOD is all i need.   (and i needed these signs!)

enter my dear friend, the super talented susie harris the signs i spied so long ago showed up
on susie's blog, and i decided if susie will paint them i would buy them!  i am so pleased.

susie does amazing work....i'm sure you can find a sign that will work in your home :)

right behind these love signs, on the wood behind the drywall we wrote our wedding verses:

1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.

i had to super-crop a photo from the construction phase.  you can see the black sharpie on the studs.

i long to show God's love daily in the way i live.  do i mess up? fall down?  absolutely.

but i have a savior.  his name is Jesus.  the son of God who died for me.  and THAT is love.
the fact that God's allowed His son to die for me?  for you?  for us?

when i start feeling froggy about something not-so-great in my life and maybe wonder "really? this situations stinks big time" i think about how God IS love.

He is pursuing little 'ol me!

i can wallow and try to take charge on my own or i can surrender and love him more.

i can grasp and feel His love.  its a very good thing.

everyone has trials. some worse than others that's for sure.  i have had trials.  and i STILL have trials.

grasping the truth and reality of the death of Jesus on the cross and the resurrection from the grave....
i just can. not. imagine.  my life with out my precious Lord and Savior.  He has moved mountains
in my life.

HE has LOVED me.  and that is all i need.


  1. My favorite post that I've seen in 'blog land' in a long time! I couldn't agree more and I LOVE those signs and that we both look through the same lenses on life and the word LOVE.
    ...know where I could snag those signs???

    1. the amazingly talented susie harris painted them for me :) her link is up at the beginning of this post.

  2. Oh....and I totally snagged this for my pinterest account! <3

  3. Sara that is so beautiful! So often in my hurried life I just need to stop, be still and listen to my Heavenly Father ~ I love the promise that He is always with us and knew us before we were born ~

  4. he does move mountains!!

    love your boards!

  5. @newly inspired: thanks and if you click the link in the post to susie's blog she is the one who made them for me :)

  6. Amen and amen!!! I am glad that you shared this. He absolutely IS love :)

  7. Thank you Sara for allowing me to part in this beautiful decor. You inspire me in so many ways and I feel blessed to have met you. Susie~

  8. So needed to hear this! Love these verses & your boards look fabulous of course! Thanks!

  9. I too am grateful for the savior in my life. He is love and through him I have hope. Thanks

  10. You have an absolutely beautiful blog. I've been looking around your blog for the past ten minutes and I'm hooked. I am your latest follower.

  11. Oh, I love Susie too, dear girlfriend! And yes, the trials will come, it is what we do with them that matters. I've been in the middle of my own trial this year, but God is SO faithful.

  12. love the new bedroom sign...
    you are adorable ...and I LOVE YOU.

  13. You are so inspiring Sara! One of my dearest friends you are!! Thank you for sharing your faith so openly! (see you friday!:)

  14. What a beautiful post!!! Such a good reminder too.

  15. when we built our home almost 4 years ago, we asked friends & family to come and write scripture on our 'studs' ... what a blessing to know that our home is literally covered in the Word! :)

  16. I think the Beatles has a song with that phrase in it too. BUT I like the twist of thinking of God with it better! Thanks for sharing!

  17. Your bed is absolutely gorgeous!!! I just saw this on Pinterest and would love to know where you got it (if you don't mind sharing). It's exactly what I have been looking for. Thank you.

    1. stefanie, our headboard/footboard is from ballard designs. :)

  18. Putting two and two together... YOU are the one that got that sign! I was admiring it on Susies blog, and she showed your bedroom. IT is all so lovely! Then you commented on the Lord's prayer post on her Instagram that you say it the same way I do, Haha! :) AHA! :) What a beautiful room! :)


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