courageous. the movie.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

we saw this movie last weekend.  it will turn a lot of emotions and definitely make you think.

i cried.

i laughed.

it challenged me to be a better mother and for my husband to be a better father.

and i think we ALL have room to improve.  whether you have your own children or not.

this movie will tug at your heart to ponder the way you raise your children.

have you seen it?  what did you think?

Courageous the movie trailer


  1. We're seeing Courageous this Saturday--can't wait! Our church rented/reserved the movie theater and sold tickets (at half price--our church paid the other half). They sold out of all 1300 tickets!

  2. We wanted to go this past weekend but had NO sitter so we must wait till Hubby's next set of days off. But we WILL see it... Hubby is a police officer so this one will hit home on many levels. We loved Fireproof and the football movie (oh, I can't remember that name!) so I'm sure looking forward to Courageous! I found your blog last night and loved every inch! Thank you!

  3. I would love to see it. Our church had a special preview night as well. Unfortunately we had a conflict that evening.

  4. i have not seen this yet, but i and all my family are very eager. i love all the films put out by these people! facing the giants, fireproof, they are all SO GOOD. it is so refreshing to see a movie that has true morals. sometimes i forget that there are people out there doing their best to make a positive difference in this industry.

  5. We saw it this past weekend too( and I feel the same way about it: it was phenomenal!
    I think its awful that there's such a lack of good Christian/family movies out there, especially in theaters. So every time Sherwood releases a new one, we're there!
    We dont have cable or even local TV channels in our home. We're very careful about what we allow in. (We use Netflix and movies when we want to watch something).
    Ive heard some people(Christians) say they thought Fireproof was cheasy. That saddened me but it was their honest opinions. I think each film put out by this church gets better and better.(Hello? Anyone seen their very first movie, "Flywheel"?)You can definitely see the progression with each new movie they produce.
    Every couple should go see this movie. Its a convicting call to step up and lead their families the way God intended them to.

  6. BTW, I linked back to your post in my post so my readers could read what you thought too. I hope that was OK!

  7. I've been wanting to see it - thanks for your comments!

  8. The hubs and I saw it a few weekends ago and also thought that it was great. Dangerous movie to see though, only for those who are serious about their walk with the Lord and serious about displaying God's love to their kids. Don't go unless you want to be challenged!!

  9. I'm going tomorrow! Very excited

    brittany @


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