edie's kitchen, happy reformation day, and birthdays!

Monday, October 31, 2011

three things that i'm excited about.

1.  edie's kitchen   it's finished.  it's glorious.  do not be surprised if you see similar layers (read colors, accents, etc.) coming into my kitchen.  the girl knows how to finish a room!  which happens to be my downfall.  actually, in all honesty, edie has beautifully finished several rooms which in turn has totally inspired me to add some final layers to some of my rooms!  confession: i went to pier one and bought the same pillows in my music room that edie put in her porch.  really, edie's entire story of building their house is worth reading.  so happy for you and your family edie!

2.  happy reformation day! 
today is a GREAT day to celebrate the freedom we have to go to church, to be open about our love for Jesus Christ and his grace that saves us, NOT our works.  for our family, this is something to celebrate!
this is a book i purchased and have read to the kiddos. it is a beautiful, hardcover picture book that clearly tell the history and importance of martin luther.
we also celebrate this time of year with the pumpkin patch, fall harvest festivals, and birthdays!

which brings me to number three.

there will be a more detailed post on the birthday parties later.

3.  tonight we are celebrating the three boys birthdays!  boone will be 7, hank will be 5 and dubs just turned 3.  we will be hosting the party outside with a lego/john deere combined theme.  we're looking forward to carmel apples, donut eating contest, candy hunt, hayride, presents, yummy food and visiting with family.  the boys are PUMPED!  probably due in part to the fact that this party number two.  again, cheers to large families!!

this is boone on the night of party #1.  he received the lego kingdoms castle.

he finished it and it is awesome!


  1. looks like a really neat book!
    We celebrate this time of year with fall stuff - no halloween here!
    I even got brave enough to post about my hate for the 'holiday' on my blog this year:)
    Happy Fall to you and your lovely family!

  2. Thanks for reminding us of such an important thing that happened on this day. Since moving too far away from the church family we loved, we don't hear some of these things anymore.

  3. jill...your blog post is spot on. i'd encourage others who see this to go check out jill's post on halloween. thanks for sharing.

  4. edie's kitchen is glorious isn't it! ya'll have such similar tastes & i love each of your homes the best!!
    thanks for the link on that book. i'd love to purchase it for our home.

    have fun celebrating all the boys!

  5. I cant wait to hop on over to Jill's blog and read her post. We dont do Halloween here either and to be honest, in all my three years of blogging Ive only ever "met" one other blogger who didnt celebrate it...which just shocked me!
    Have a wonderful birthday party tonight. It sounds like a wonderful time!

  6. We celebrate Reformation Day also! We have that same book and have read it with our kiddos every year since we got it. Glad to hear that your family is enjoying it also!

  7. My son would be loving that Lego Kingdoms Castle! We have loooots of Legos at our house, but a new set always looks like fun. And they are awesome!

  8. we have that book!

    way to celebrate edie!

    LOVE every single room in her house....


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