its fall. and i love it.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

we started out with a trip to chicago for our 12 year anniversary.....i love my husband!  cheers for many more years :)

fall brings fresh apples......and yummy candles.  i've been burning this hazelnut by swan creek candle and it is a. maz. ing.

fall decorations are out.  and i found white pumpkins and hobby lobby.  so cute.

the fall mantle.  so easy and simple.  here is last year's mantle. you'll see where i used these vases last year as well.

fall means extra hot salted carmel mochas and sunday paper after church.

fall means going to the pumpkin patch....

happy fall!


  1. Aren't those salted caramel mochas the best? Happy fall and happy anniversary to you too!

  2. you are such a cute cute cute family!
    love seeing the changing of seasons over at august fields

  3. Such great pictures Sara! Happy Fall to you as well:)

  4. Fun post. We celebrate our 11th anniversary on Saturday :)
    Love the Chicago picture. I went to Moody Bible Institute... fun to see my old stomping grounds in the background of your picture. Makes me miss the city!

  5. Ca-u-u-ute family!!! And I love the newspaper shot. :)

  6. Love that family picture! You are all so beautiful!!!! I'm loving fall here too! congrats on your anniversary!

  7. everything looks all cozy and comfy. happy fall to you!!

  8. YAY!!! I have looked everyday to see if you posted!! So glad you are back, and happy Anniversary to you and Mr. Daddy. And can I just say I love the picture of you two reading the paper. I love how the ottoman works for both chairs, genius! Thanks for sharing! You're a doll!


  9. I love fall too! Love the way that you are ushering it in both in your home & with your family.

  10. I am a first time commenter but had to comment...your family is so darn adorable. And I love the picture of you both reading the newspaper. And I love that you wear a dress to church. And I think that your husband looks like Clinton Kelly from What not to Wear. And I think Clinton Kelly is good looking. :)

  11. I love your blog and your home!!You have very god taste and are very inspiring.Heidi M

  12. I love the pic of you and your husband with your fun fall coffee drinks and you Sunday paper! So cute and so real life!

    ~ Ali

  13. Hi Sarah! I'm Luke's friend (married to Alessandro)...met you at the wedding. I found your blog through Julie's page. Love looking through your blog and seeing your projects and your beautiful family! Tell your hubby Al and I say hi!


  14. Hi Sarah. I know this is an older post, so I hope you get this question. I absolutely love the Bobbin chair in the above photo. I was wondering where you found it? I have found a couple different ones online, but I have also noticed several different manufactures that make them. The one is your photo is gorgeous.


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