operation christmas child: fill a shoebox!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

How to fill a shoebox for Operation Christmas Child

do you fill shoeboxes?

if you have never filled a shoebox we would love for you to join our family this year!

i am going to do a series of posts that show how and why we fill our shoeboxes.

but hear this:  they need to be ready for your local drop off  NOVEMBER 14-21!

for all the information right from the organization checkout and save the following website:

we are filling five shoeboxes with toys, candy and toiletries to be sent to children around the world.

this has been such a great way to prepare our hearts as we head into the season of Christmas.

to fill a shoebox you need:

1.  a standard size shoebox or small plastic container similar in size
2.  decide if you want to fill a shoebox for a boy or a girl
3.  choose an age range 2-4, 5-9 or 10-14

go out with your children and start choosing small items that fit the criteria.

some of the items we've purchased so far:

small ball
jump rope
individually wrapped hard candy 
hair clips
pad of paper

some items we have yet to purchase:

small cars and trucks
small dolls

we're just getting started so there is plenty of time!  will you join us??  

"go, fill a shoebox!"


  1. We always love doing this--it's is so precious to watch my children getting excited about seeing how much they can pack in the boxes. We already have our boxes sitting on the hearth ready to fill. :)

  2. We have participated in Operation Shoebox in past years. This year our youngest daughter is teaming up with the apartment ministry at our church to put together goody bags for local children as part of her I.B. Diploma project. I look forward to reading your tips since I know we can apply them to the goody bags too!

  3. we will join you!!
    great idea to do it now!

  4. Our church does this every year and I always wonder what their little faces look like when those boxes are opened. Thank you for sharing this here and we will join you again this year filling a shoebox..or two.. ;)

  5. YEs!!! This is my most favorite thing to do in November for Christmas...
    I don't have kids(yet) but my heart is HUGE for the kids who have 'less' or nothing at all. My goal is to fill at least 4 boxes my self this year and make some children's life better than ever!!

    I prefer doing them in plastic shoe boxes that way its something durable that they can store things in, or carry water in...

  6. I love filling shoeboxes every year. We will be joining you!

  7. Our church does this too. This is our 10th year doing it. We send our to LaVictoria. Love love love it.

  8. p.s. We started filling the plastic shoe boxes instead of cardboard - that way they can re-use the box. Just an idea :)

  9. We love filling shoeboxes! We started when my daughter was probably 3 or 4 years old. She would pretend to fill shoeboxes after we had really filled them. She spent hours playing "shoeboxes". She's going on 12 now, and still likes filling them. I just found your blog from my sister's @ Sew a Fine Seam. Your kids are so cute! :)

  10. ooooh. thanks for reminding me, girl!!!!!!

  11. I can't wait to do these with the boys this season. I've collected the shoe boxes... guess I better get on the collecting the goodies :)

  12. Thank you, seriously thank you for sharing this! I had no idea and this is a WONDERFUL giving project I can do with my four year old son to help teach more about giving. Thanks!

  13. We are on board here in too, It is such a wonderful way to show kids that giving is better than recieveing.

  14. My 95 year old mother passed away in October. She participated in Operation Shoebox and I want to follow in her footsteps. I have participated in years past but it has been too long. I have copied your list of suggested items and will take it to the store when I go shopping!


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