Friday favorites: toys

Friday, November 18, 2011

With Christmas quickly approaching I've decided to have couple of Friday favorites designated to toys. Look at previous friday favorites which include more toy reviews.

These are all toys that we have and really like! It's got to be good to make it to Friday favorites.:)

Keva blocks
Boone just received these for his birthday and they are awesome! Great for ages 5 to adult. Possibly younger if there are older siblings or adults to play with. We have the 400 piece set that cam with a canvas storage bag. I recommend this size set to allow building the bigger structures and to share with siblings and friends.

We have other wooden blocks but it's the uniform shape and weight of keva blocks that allow you to build amazing structures! Another bonus is that they're made in the USA.

Perplexus epic
This is like the original perplexus but more difficult. A small metal bead is housed in a hard plastic ball that is filled with a numbered, maze-like track. I would say ages 7 and up. Adults even like picking this up and having their hand at it! A fun toy to play independently.

Dump trucks with a big bed to carry things. John Deere has a nice big plastic one but I'm not brand specific with this toy. Ages 2-6 for us. My little boys love to push a dump truck around the house or outside if it's nice. They will fill the back bed up with little trucks or blocks and haul it around.

Ripider360 bike by razor.
It's like a big wheel bike in front and a razor scooter in the back.


  1. Thanks for the suggestions. May use a couple of those ideas. Hard to know what to get sometimes :)

  2. The Riprider 360 bike looks like so much fun! I love kids' toys! Especially, when they are unique and not just found at Wal-Mart. Not that I mind all the toys at Wal-Mart, it just seems like there is a lot of awesome stuff out there that is unique!

  3. Wow, thanks! This is SUCH A TERRIFIC POST! I really appreciate the scoop on some quality toys for BOYS! I'm tired of buying JUNK toys that don't hold interest and waste space!

    I'm going to peek back through the older posts in hopes of finding a similar Friday Favorite on girl toys!

    ~ Ali

  4. Girl....we have that ripstick riding toy and WE LOVE IT. The wheels are almost completely worn off!!!

  5. riprider...sorry...not ripstick...

    my middle son has the riprider but he's asked for a ripstick scooter this year....

    LOVE the riprider!

  6. Would you share how you control 'toy clutter' in your home? I only have 2 girls and its hard because their birthdays(mid October and late November) are so close to Christmas. I feel like Im constantly 'paring down' around here. We dont have TV(Netflix and DVDs, yes but kept to a minimum) and we love books. I like this block set you posted and will check into the maze ball thingy. But I wondered if you have a system?

  7. Fun stuff! We LOVE perplexus at our house. Looking to add the Epic to our collection! :) A toy we've had that your kids may like are the Electronic Snap Circuts. They are fun and educational. We have a set that is a remote control car too! I saw some in the radio shack ad today. Check it out sometime!


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