Operation Christmas Child: Fill a Shoe Box! part 2

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

See our first post about filling a shoebox here.

For complete instructions and more insight to the purpose of filling a shoebox please visit

you still have time to fill up your shoeboxes!  
November 14-21 is Collection Week. 
Samaritan's Purse website will help you find a place locally to drop them off.

we switched to plastic containers after one of my readers commented that plastic containers can be reused by the recipient of the gift.  these are sterilite containers from target and were $1.49 each.  

the kids absolutely loved this project!

hank is showing you how to double bag all candy.  i'm pretty sure picking out the candy was his favorite part.

5 boxes ready to go!

Each box needs a $7.00 donation (which is so minimal when you think about the impact).  we chose to donate our $35.00 online and Samaritan's Purse emailed me a confirmation with barcoded labels attached.

I tape the appropriate label to each box and the barcode will be scanned and tracked so we know where our boxes go!

how cool is that??!

here is one of our "boy" boxes.
stickers, ball, washcloth, harmonica, cars, markers, combs, candy, tissues, paper, toothbrush/paste, crayons, jump rope, jacob's ladder, chinese yo-yo, socks

here is one of our "girl" boxes.
doll, candy, washcloth, hair clips, socks, toothbrush/paste, wand, harmonica, jump rope, tissues, tiara/wand, markers, crayons, paper, jacob's ladder, chinese yo-you, pony, combs, ball, stickers

fill a shoebox!


  1. This is one of our favorite things to do at Christmas!! My kids are at ages, 5, 7,9, that they have started choosing items to give that they would want. The lessons learned are PRICELESS!!:-) Thank you for posting about this and encouraging others to also do it!


  2. I'm going to shopping for stuff!!

  3. We are going shopping with our GEMS group tomorrow to do this. Where did you do most of your shopping? We were thinking Dollar Tree but is somewhere else cheaper where you can get more stuff?

  4. Rachel - the little dolls are from target (2.50), the dollar section at target if its a bigger store (some target dollar sections stink), the dollar tree (make sure its a true dollar store where everything is 1 dollar), pier one has some dollar items (jacob's ladder, chinese yo-yo), jo anns has a dollar section with stickers and other items, walmart for school supplies (but i bought those during back to school). have FUN!

  5. Sara, we've done this before and loved it! This year the girls picked out two ducks and a goat to purchase from World Vision to send to those in need around the globe. There are many animal 'sets' to chose from and World Vision lists how they help the families, 'ducks provide eggs and more ducks and goats provide milk and more goats'! I love their gentle discriptions for children's ears, never saying anything about meat being provided or 'more goats and ducks' coming from those two sent but the adults get the idea! We love Christmas Child and World Vision!

  6. callista - SO great that you participate in this too! :)

    Angela - have fun shopping! :)

    SmallTownGirl- i was just looking through the world vision christmas magazine last night. i was amazed at how MUCH you can give for so little. the fishing kit and chickens were a favorite :)

  7. Awesome family project. Thanks for sharing all the details!

  8. we are heading out as a family tonight to get our stuff! love all the fun things yall included!

  9. Oh, they look great! Thanks for the tip about getting a trackable bar code. We will do that for sure this year!

  10. I Love this idea:D Never heard of this in Norway though!

    Have a great weekend, you and your lovely family:D

  11. I have never done a Christmas box but it looks like fun. We usually "adopt" a child or family that we don't know (info given through our church) but I think it'd be fun to do a box too! Thanks for the ideas!

  12. Our family does this every year too! The kids really enjoying finding stuff for their new friend. We usually take a school picture and they write a little note. We save some "hard" candy from Halloween to include in our box this year. Last year we paid on-line and they were able to track our boxes. A couple days before Christmas I got an email that told us where our boxes went and we got to see a video of the distribution. It was so neat-I was crying the whole time we watched the families receive goodies from Samartan's Purse. What an amazing ministry!

  13. Finished ours today! They are so much fun to do!
    Whitney R.

  14. We did the labels online last year and it was really cool to find out what country they went to! Plus, it was an easy way to do the donation!

  15. thank you sharing about this. we love Operation Christmas Child!


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