birthday boys.

Monday, November 7, 2011

this is birthday season for our three boys!  

h a p p y  b i r t h d a y
boone turns 7.
hank turns 5.
dubs turns 3.

the themes they chose were legos and john deere.  very similar to last year but that's okay with me!

we had two parties.  one for each side of the family.  one party i focused on yummy food (since there were no little cousins)

and the second party had more games and decorations for all the little cousins.

boone received perplexus epic the morning of the party.  this toy is definitely on my list of favorites.

highlights from party #1:

dancing.  dancing on chairs.

rody.  he holds up to 400 pounds.  so there.

hank received the razor riprider 360.  this bike is loads of fun!

other fun gifts were the lego kingdom castle, playmobil hand launch jet gliders, creationary, john deere tractors .......

and a special john deere silky that grandma made for dubs.

dancy and hank prepping for party #2.  as the kids get older throwing parties gets waaaay easier.  i have so much help!

we held this party on october 31.  we don't celebrate halloween so this was a super fun way to spend the evening!

fun and games with cousins.  yummy food.  and those little stinkers still ended up with lots of candy!

donuts on a string ready to eat.

no hands allowed!

red velvet cupcakes.  yum.

plenty of green and yellow candy.

this was a fun game.  can you believe there were over 500 legos in this bowl!

carmel apples.

we threw two big bags of candy and a roll of nickels into a pile of hay and had the kids search for it.

this was so much fun!

since all the games and activities were outside i decided to have the whole party outside.

food was set up in the garage.

time for a hayride.

this was a highlight!  the kids all wanted daddy to take them around again.

my handsome birthday boys.


  1. They are so handsome! Looks like the parties were successful! The the donut on a string game! Love following your blog!

  2. What darling boys! Happy Birthday to each of them. Wonderful parties.

  3. what a memory maker for those handsome boys!

  4. That is sweet! I love your blog and love that I have so much in common with you the more I read. We have 5 kids too, the girls are 9 & 11 and our boys are in the midst of their birthdays right now too turning 5,6, and 7. You have such a beautiful family!

  5. He looks just like you! How the donuts!

  6. Your kids are so adorable!! I love your blog.

  7. Looks like some fun celebrating!

  8. this is ADORABLE. i love it all. great ideas! i particularly like the no-hand-donuts. that is hysterical and so fun.

  9. I just found your blog today & I AM HOOKED!
    I have seriously loved each post & your kids are just adorable.
    I am having my daughters 1st birthday party this Sat & it's an apple theme. I have everything I need for a caramel apple bar, but I am so nervous for the caramel part. Can you email me how you melted yours? How long did it stay in the crock pot? I have read to add 1/2 & 1/2 or heavy whipping cream? I am so clueless & would appreciate any advice. my email is

    thank you!


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