thanksgiving 2011.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

thanksgiving 2011.  what a wonderful day it was!

we hosted my husband's side of the family.

i made a few dishes using recipes i found on pinterest (check out my thanksgiving board).  including this pumpkin pie!
boone requested it.  i wasn't a fan of pumpkin pie....until now.  this one won me over.

 the kid's table was super simple :)  i did pick up some cute pilgrim hats from hobby lobby that they enjoyed coloring.

the adult beverage table.

 i shamelessly had deanie snap a picture of me and my cute husband.   :)

a few more pictures of the yummy food.

rye bread appetizers.
one loaf of mini rye bread (found by the deli counter)
mix chopped onion (i use sweet vidalia), mayo, and parmesan cheese.  broil for 2-4 minutes.

oreo turkeys.  the kids LOVED these!  but please note....i had planned on making them with the kids.  so glad i didn't as these are pretty laborious.  my kids were disappointed at first, but when they saw how long it was taking me they were fine to go play and leave me with the turkeys.

oh, these were good!  marinated mozzarella wrapped in prosciutto, topped with sun dried tomato and basil.
check my pinterest thanksgiving board for the pie, oreo turkeys and mozzarella appetizer.

the official turkey carver!  this is my father in law slicing up the turkey that my mother in law prepared and brought over.

and here is my favorite Bible passage to read for thanksgiving.  psalm 100.

the four big kids read this for part of our dinner devotions (hank was cut out of the picture...sorry buddy.)

mr. daddy followed this up with a reading from c.s. lewis called 'the necessity of tribulation'.  it is a daily reading from "The Business of Heaven".

this was the only picture i took that shows all the food. :)  that's moz, my super stylish sister in law and on the left is my dashing, smarty pants brother in law.

games galore.  euchre, pictionary, scategories, chess and speed scrabble.

we settled down and pulled the computer monitor into the family room and streamed in a movie from netflix.

and when everyone had gone home just me, moz and susie put hair styles on pinterst to the test.  this braid is super cute no?
at 1am i finally gave them a hug and went to bed.  happy thanksgiving!


  1. Everyrhing looked wonderful.
    How blessed you are. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Looks like a wonderful family and a wonderful day overall:) Do you start decorating for Christmas right after Thanksgiving or give it awhile?(Just curious).
    Christmas is my favorite time of year so Im always anxious to get started:)

  3. What a lovely day! Everything looks scrumptious. I love how you read a Psalm, too! :)

  4. A lovely day - thanks for hosting. And posting :)

  5. Picture perfect...even those sweet braids :) Happy Thanksgiving my sweet friend!

  6. What a wonderful family gathering for the holidays! Everyone looked so festive. I love the little bulldozer in the pie!! LOL The appetizers I will have to try. They look super yummy!!

  7. I just lived vicariously through your Thanksgiving as my oldest spent the entire night before being sick! We spent our day in jammies, reading and a few games and getting well! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Looks like a lot of fun and good food! I love the braid! I think I figured out how to do it from looking at it!

  9. beautiful shots...
    beautiful family....
    love the recipes!

  10. Looks like you did a great job of putting it all together!

  11. Lovely, lovely, lovely!!

    And yes, I love that braid! I pinned it and then just as quickly forgot to attempt it :)

  12. I'm an occasional stalker. We're building our dream house right now (framing the main floor tomorrow). The designer and builder have both questioned my house plans because the dining room table in the kitchen is located past the entry way, but is completely visible from the front door.

    I just noticed yours is the same. Has that ever bothered you (i.e. eating dinner as a family when someone comes to the door). My table is always the focus for my parties and get togethers and the center for decorations, so I thought it was a plus. But with so many questioning it, I've started to wonder if it is such a good idea. I would love your opinion.
    marciealcorn (at)

  13. Sounds like an absolutely wonderful celebration. Everything looked beautiful & the food looked delicious!!! Love the photo of you & hubby :)

  14. What a beautiful home you have. Happy Thanks Giving from Oz. Another happy follower for you.

  15. Wow!! Looks like you had an absolutely beautiful, family filled, loving Thanksgiving. Oh and the food... how could I miss that? So glad you had a fabulous holiday!

  16. Everything looks gorgeous! I love your house- it's beautiful and perfect for a family. We are currently building our house- and I would love to know where the beveled subway tile in your kitchen is from. If you don't mind sharing!

  17. Everything looks wonderful! I love that you finished off the day with board games. What a terrific family night! Thanks for sharing.

  18. a gorgeous thanksgiving!! love the details and the turkeys and the food - yum!!
    - {darlene}


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